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PLEASE CD Projekt Red

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This is a message to the developers and creators of Cyberpunk 2077 video game. I just bought RAGE 2 after all of the hype and excitement waiting for the game and I asked them please have the vehicles in their games STEERABLE by using a mouse. (as I am a disabled gamer that cannot use a controller or keyboard to steer my vehicles so I use a 4 button trackball Mouse) unfortunately I bought and downloaded the game to my surprise (not really because this has happened many times before from other Developers) that I found out you cannot steer the vehicles with a mouse at all only keyboard! So I am begging you please CD Projekt Red make your games fully accessible to people who have disabilities and have all control able to map to all devices including steering vehicles with a mouse!!

[Sard Edit: Nope. Respect and kindness thanks.]
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I hope there are many different ways to potentially control things in 2077. I'm pretty sure CDPR will do better than Rage2, but if it's too late in development then you can't be mad at them for not having it. I hope they mention this as a point at E3, so it can ease the minds of people who have to find alternate ways to control the game. Just don't smear the name. Your pissed off at other developers and hoping 2077 can do better because it's still a bit away, but that last sentence in your post is the worst way to communicate about your frustrations.

CDPPR reads these posts, if you voice your concern and come up with realistic solutions then everyone here will help. Maybe what is said here heavily influences the game, maybe not.

Hopefully these things can be addressed before you loose your s***.
I support the key message of your post. While I do not have disabilities, I can understand how a lack of options can diminish the game experience or even lock you out of it completely.

But I think ending the post with an almost snappy childish remark or threat (emotions or not) isn't the best way to get your core message across.

I'm not highlighting this to berate you but to point out a potential factor that was possibly not on your radar, figuratively.

Other than that I think lack of such options in the game rather might have to do with lack of time or resources (prioritizing), rather than people 'being dicks'. I think the best way to tackle this is.... what you did: you mention it early, even before release. They see this and can now plan ahead, if they can add this that is.

It's usually easier to mind and implement things before release, depending on the state of the game, than do so after, I think.

Again, good call to mention this early and I hope it can work out in your favor, but I would perhaps consider the tone at times, even if I can understand some frustrations, in the end it doesn't matter if the intended recipient of your message (mentally) goes into blocking stance and thus doesn't open up to your ideas. Best or most simple example to explain this I can think of is trying to ask a stranger or friend for a favor in a friendly or positive tone vs doing the same in a snappy, demanding tone.

Just saying, communication can be a b**ch sometimes.
At this moment I cannot promise anything in regards to mouse steering. We will check our options for that, but again - I cannot say "yes there will be" 100%.
Actually I agree with him/her.
But I can use a keyboard and mouse that the same time (don't even own a controller). Tho I'd MUCH prefer mouse "steering".
I sympathise, I really do, but do everyone including yourself a favor and tone down the hostilities. Not helping your case.
wont this thing fix your problems?
I'd guess the problem is a lack of two equally functional hands. So it's a choice, mouse or keyboard, can't use both at once.

In my case it's a matter of finger dexterity/precision. Hammering a nail, easy, threading a needle, *ROFL*.
If you don't I will probably lose my s*** and never buy your games again and I'll make sure to blast you on every website I can and trust me I don't do anything all day long because of my disability and will make sure that happens.
Yeah, not best way to communicate your request.

2/3’s of my posts are pretty harsh criticism that certainly net me no new friends, but there’s a line in bitching even I won’t cross.
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I'd guess the problem is a lack of two equally functional hands. So it's a choice, mouse or keyboard, can't use both at once.

In my case it's a matter of finger dexterity/precision. Hammering a nail, easy, threading a needle, *ROFL*.
u can program the adaptive controller to exactly what you want, i think its a better solution and its a generalized one so devs won't need to do much of anything. definitely worth exploring.

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