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SOLVED Please, I want to upload gif and set to my avatar!



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Please, I want to upload gif and set to my avatar!

As a title, I make a premium card gif image for set my avatar.

But you limit avatar size is 200 x 200 pixel and under 1 MB file. It's ok I can convert to that requirement.

But why do you convert my gif image to static image? I see 4RM3D and TheShift can upload gif before.

For now, it seem unable to do. Why? Please bring 'em back! Thank you!


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Here is beautiful animation card I want to set as my avatar....​

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DEERCG;n9770311 said:
Here is beautiful animation card I want to set as my avatar....
And now, through a bit of magic, it's yours! (For future reference, use the .gif's URL, (here, ) rather than uploading a file from your machine.


DEERCG;n9770521 said:
Riven-Twain Aah... Finally! Thank you. Love you Riven...
You're welcome!
KDean11;n9771681 said:
Wow, can i know how you get gif from game? I also want an gif profile pic.
Certainly. Access your profile, and click 'Edit Avatar' in the lower right corner of the generic avatar portrait. Edit Avatar.jpg

In the box which appears, select 'Copy and paste the image URL from a hosting site', and enter the web address of the .gif image you wish to use. (As an example, let's use one of TheShift 's Card Animations :
To locate a .gif's individual address, right click it, and select 'View Image', then copy the URL as it appears in the address bar of the new tab. In this case, .
Avatar URL.jpg

That should do the trick. However, if you encounter any problems, please, let us know.


Awesome writeup Riven-Twain

As a future tip... these animations have been adjusted for easy loadable file sizes... so the full size image shown above looks a bit hazy ... but once it's added as an avatar and shrinks down to fit ..looks pretty good.
like my red headed friend I have here

Now those were made with the intention to capture as much of the card image as possible their width is not square with the height. . Which is why it's smaller than the actual "squared" avatars

and I linked this here write up at the bottom for future reference

I'll be working on the new cards real soon to add to this collection
still need all bronze nilfgaard and Northern Realms ..but it's almost complete !
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Hmm, I've tried with Vilgefortz and assire and it doesn't seem to work. On the off chance it manages to upload the image after numerous failed attempts, it's not animated, just a hazy mess. I used the instructions to download the gifs from that library (thanks for that btw, it's awesome ;) ). And just in case I also tried to upload them at giphy and use the URL from there to get it as my profile picture. The former case always leads to an error message saying "there was a problem uploading the image" while the latter does upload it but it isn't animated just a small hazy mess (in Vilgefortz's case at least). Any helpful tips? thank you in advance at any rate :)

Beautiful job getting those xD

*EDIT* finally got it to work. Nvm. Thanks :)
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