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Question on premium cards during a game

There should also be an option on the console to turn it on for all cards.
I was wondering the same thing and posted on Technical/Playstation before noticing this.

It really sucks to have them not playing.

@4RM3D "should be" is all good and that, but at least I wasn't able to find it? Could you confirm there is one?
Poor optimization. We'll have to wait for a patch, if it comes.
Yes probably the new visuals took too much juice and this was the easiest hasty fix to make... hopefully their intention is to get it patched and not leave it like this.

As I mentioned in the other thread, might go even as far as quitting for this.
Just a reminder that we do not permit PC. vs. Console battles. Yes, there will be necessary differences between platforms. No, decisions are not made to favor one platform over another.
Bad optimization led to that being removed on consoles.
We might get a patch that enables that later on. It was an option before.
Hate to say it but yet another way consoles get screwed. If it works properly very soon from now then I will admit it's not a big deal but if it's like this for a long time that is just ridiculous.

Waiting for people to come in here and blame console policies for something that is clearly on CDPR for not being ready.