REDstreams summary and recap

Very good update!! It would still take:
- Car Customization
- More Street Vendors
- Open Casino

Missed the latest episode of REDstreams because you spent the day saving presidents in distress? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

Travel by NCART metro

Travel around Night City with ease thanks to Night City Area Rapid Transport metro services. Stop worrying about the traffic and enjoy the view thanks to the 5 metro lines stopping on a total of 19 stations spread throughout the city. Service available only after V receives the text message from NCART.

Radio on the go

This one is for all of the travelling audiophiles in our community! We’ve added a radioport that allows V to listen to the radio while exploring Night City on foot or riding the metro. It comes with adjustable volume and it will automatically turn off when game audio is crucial — for example during conversations.

Improved boss fights

We’ve introduced a number of improvements to boss fights, most notably to the one with Adam Smasher. It is now more iconic, as Smasher will better adapt to the tactics used by players, will be much more relentless and will use Sandevistan — much like he was in Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.

Attention all petrolhe… <ekhm> CHOOH2-heads!

We’ve got a lot of new stuff for all motoring enthusiasts out there!
  • New vehicles, including new motorbikes and a real classic: a cabriolet version of Porsche 911!
  • Replayable car races, available after the race with Claire is finished.
  • More immersive motorbike riding — including ability to throw knives while riding, leaning, doing wheelies and even flips!
  • New car chases — if you mess with the gangs while doing gigs, they might hunt you down later!
  • Newly opened highway.
Making Cyberpunk even more accessible

We’ve moved all of the existing accessibility options and added a handful more to a new Accessibility tab in game settings. Would you like a simplified UI? Or maybe larger fonts? We’ve got you covered! You can read more about our accessibility features here:

Remember: those are just the highlights of the changes coming in the 2.1 Update on December 5th. For more, stay tuned for Patch Notes that will be shared closer to the release. You can also rewatch the stream for more details on the changes described above:
1 more update please! 2.2 🤞🏽

I was really impressed with the surprise of 2.1 and I’m really happy about it. However I can’t help but think if cd project Red really want to got out with a bang please add these last missing feature and the 100% redemption arc will be complete.

1) Casino North Oak

2) Car Customisation

3) Eating and drinking in restaurants and bars/also doing it with romance partners.

4) Mansions & Rooftop Apartments (Hinted at in the Diner trailer)

5)Dual Wielding
YES! Always thought Adam Smasher felt underwhelming after the Chimera and Hansen, so this is very, very welcome. And the Metro system! The game is looking to feel so much more complete now.

(Still hoping for cyberware skins tho...)
I genuinely thought that there would be no more substantial updates to this game so I am happily surprised. A functioning NCART is a shock and I'm happy to hear Adam Smasher is getting an overhaul and more interactivity with gangs, as they felt like they were only setpieces up until now. If there's even more on the way that is equal to or tops this and a lot of the bugs get fixed then I take back the dumping on CDPR for abandoning this game.

But only if it includes character reflections, please I can't live as a vampire or, with a mod, a headless corpse any longer.
Will car chases on gigs work after you've completed them? Or do i need a new playthrough to experience it?

Or does it work with random gang members?
I was just about to go to sleep and I remembered the guys from CDPR, will there be any new announcements? The final edition is in 3 days.

And I found this incredible news. Patch 2.1 that could be 3.0 due to the number of new features it adds to Cyberpunk 2077.

December 10th is my birthday, I will begin my immersion in Night City again from the beginning (my second complete playthrough) and relive the experience.

For me this patch is a gift because we recommended all the features months ago in this post: What do you want to see in the new 2.0 patch? Or in the next patches? and without a doubt you listened to the community.


*Car racing in the city.

*Be able to walk around the city listening to music. I could hear music in the car but not with my headphones!!! Now yes!!! The city is perfect for walking between missions and letting yourself be seduced by its artistic beauty.

*The subway!!! It was highly requested by the community. It looks great, it's great work!!!! You have closed the circle, the metro is very important within the city, it makes you feel that you are in a more complex, more alive world.

*Retaliation for our actions: If you attack the Tiger Claws, they must hate you for a time and seek you out to kill you. You have done it!!!

Adam Smasher's upgrades look spectacular, he must be a bloodthirsty enemy, very tough and persistent in his desire to kill you.

Important petition about the police

I have one last request that is already entering the grace period. As @BabaBooey88 says, you have to do one more review of the police system.

The police still have a serious immersion break:

The detection of the crime of murder cannot be instantaneous in all cases. There are two cases that you must correct:

1st. If you kill someone and no one has seen you: Trauma team drones arrive at the area, inspect the corpse and if they detect you in the area, the crime is activated and the police come for you.

2nd. If you kill someone and there are npcs nearby: the npcs call the police, the police come to the area of the crime and if you are still in the area and within the field of vision of the police, the crime is activated and they attack you.

Furthermore, when you block their way with your car, you get out of the car and get back in, they go into madness mode, try to run you over and shoot everywhere.

I have several videos published about that:

An error that has been there since the beginning of the game:

Please correct that destroyed cars are not generated on top of each other, sometimes you go through the city and see chaos on a street where cars accumulate on top of each other.

Kill all the bugs that are still in the game

Clean up the bugs that still remain in the game, you will sell a high quality game for many years until your next game and Cyberpunk 2077 is an incredible game full of art, history and design, don't let bugs break the experience.

Congratulations from a big fan.

Congratulations to all the developers, congratulations Pawell, you show great passion and great involvement in improving the game, this surprise patch is full of many things but above all it conveys gratitude and affection for a truly impressive digital experience that transcends beyond our time. It will be remembered for its inconveniences and problems, but above all for its reconciliatory ending and for CDPR's determined commitment to giving players the experience closest to what they wanted.

The inconveniences have not allowed us to have a second major expansion, Cyberpunk 2077 deserves it, but we must accept that it is not possible and that the development of Cyberpunk 2 will begin soon.​

Yeap, I remember you thread about forecast for upcoming patches. It is nice that a lot of stuff from there really comes officially and CDPR are not left the game behind.

As for police - your 1st option sounds like a lot of new coding, I will not count on that. 2nd option seems much more real.
As for destroyed cars - yeah, Im frustrated as well, lets hope it will be fixed.
As for bugs - definitely will see some fixes in the detailed changelog closer to december 5.

One small thought just come up from my mind -
In our megabuilding we can see in right upper corner on each door a current status of rent - payed in time or overdued.
So as for immersion goals, will be nice to see some mandatory requests for rent payments for V's apartment too.
Once per 7 game days or 14 game days.
If player cant make (or want) a payment - apartment will not be available until sum not get to householder (and all stuff inside, ouch).
Definitely, a rent should not be high that everybody can afford it.
But would be fair to keep an access to player's stash via cars / bikes.

And, especially, would be cool if rent amount will be depend on player's street creed - famous people of NC should not pay as usual citizens, right? :sneaky:
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I just reinstalled Cyberpunk 2077 few days ago.

My gawd this game got so much changed and i like it! (y)

I also love the new upcoming update that is gonna be awesome.

One thing what still disappointed me is that there is still no futuristic bow :(

I'll hope u guys will ever come with that feature that would be so awesome.

my rating right now as a returning player 9/10, if there will be ever a bow deff 10/10
So does anyone recon the casino will have been finished yet?

Is literally the only white elephant left on the map.
When i saw the party sequence in the Phantom Liberty trailer, i was conviced that it was in that casino. Unfortunately not (but it was cool though). That artwork is such a piece of art. If not for CP 2077, maybe for the sequel with Crystal Palace..


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Once this update drops and I've been on that NCART I'll make a bunch of appreciation posts around the net thanking CDPR because I've been one of the chooms begging for metro access over the years. Thanks CDPR!
Reminder that they didn't list everything in this patch...we shall see come Tuesday what's all in it! RIP most mods, but hello cool shit!
Probably :D. But I'd also like to see them get that annoying Shimmer with pathtracing (especially on skin/faces) patched.
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