Replacing All Ingame Ads ?

I'm new here and have 2 questions.

I want to be able to replace all the advertising that you see in the game with my own.
Can someone tell me how I can do this and what tools would I need.
I would like to set up the game so that I am chased by the police until I'm caught and busted.

Thank You
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There are already a bunch of ad replacer mods on Nexus, not sure how you would go about making your own but looking there for any Modder resources or tools could be a good start. They have everything from super clean stream friendly stuff to more NSFW stuff so whatever your preference I'm sure you can find it there, or at least a tool to help make your own.

There are also several mods that effect police behavior. They will probably become obsolete after the next major patch/expansion as we know police are getting re-worked and vehicle combat is getting added to the game proper, but currently the vehicle combat mod and some other "enhanced police" mods effect chases and police behavior, there is even a mod that allows you to bribe police to stop chasing you, which I think is compatible with most of the other mods.

Definitely look on Nexus or GitHub I'm sure you'll find something close to what you're looking for.
What DjSpyder said. You can also check out the Discord modding server; I'm sure the folks there can point you in the right direction to make your own.

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