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Response Delay

After the patch, I am experiencing a delay when trying to complete most actions during and out of gameplay. Example.. Select a card to play a there is a slight delay before the card is selected and placed on the game board. Even when scrolling up and down in deck builder there is a delayed response.
I mean, seriously, I don´t think the graphical "enhacements" justify it. Takes like half a second to look at a card, it´s annoying, and then you noticed you are looking at another ine because of that. Also when swapping cards, takes an eternity for the program to realize you had already pushed the no change button, then thinks you wanted to change the card you were over. Changes are usually welcome, but I think the previous version of Gwent was so much more stable and fast paced. Personally, even preferred the cleaner looks. I really hope they are launching a patch in less than a couple of weeks, or they will frankly loose a player quite soon.
This issue has been raised many times.

And it took them a month just to fix some minor bugs and change the numbers on cards by +/-1, so I wouldn't expect any changes to animations, speed, etc in 2 weeks.

Anyway, hopefully this changes at some time, because a match in HC takes twice as long as in the old Gwent.
Well, I play on PS4 so it wasn´t until this week that i started playing HC. Have to say it has been quite a dissapointment, hopully they will fix all those issues in a future, but for now, I find playing Gwent quite boring. Who would have said.