Sacred and Profane is here!


Blessings upon those of great faith. Damnation for the deceitful heretics. Glory to those who serve the gods of flesh and blood.​

"Sacred and Profane”, features 12 new gold cards of various types, including a selection of deities and brave warriors from the world of The Witcher. All new cards utilize and expand existing game mechanics currently in use.​

The card drop is available for free as part of the latest update!​

The Sacred and Profane Pack includes all premium cards from the Sacred and Profane card drop and the new Svalblod Bear Skin.​

It is found in the in-game shop until April 11th, 2023.​
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WOW! The new Scoia'tael relict trigger card just freaking pointslam everything. I hope this gets some emergency fix? (e.g. should be useable only 3 times or so?)
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