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Hi. My "Saved Games" always located on other drive (D). But game still "think" it's in default location (C:\Users\User\Saved Games) and keep creating save files there. It's was Ok before 1.04 hotfix and I got some game progress. But I'm not sure is it a game problem or Windows 10 problem? Can you please advice how to solve this? Other games works Ok. Already try check game files of CP2077 and even reinstall Steam and game itself...
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So I do a clean install of Windows, Steam and Cyberpunk 2077 for a test. Now I can say it's happened after 1.04 hotfix. The game create save location by default path always. "C:\Users\User\Saved Games". But my save folder is on another drive. Before 1.04 it was ok...
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Bumping this since I have I noticed the same issue.
I moved my Saved Games folder to a different hard drive (this was done years ago) but the game still creates its saves in the default path "C:\Users\UserName\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077" instead of where it's supposed to.

Just to make it clear, Windows allows the user to set a new default location for certain user folders (Documents, Pictures, VIdeos, Saved Games etc.). CP2077 doesn't seem to query the OS on the path but instead opts to guess the path.
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I was wondering why my saves weren't showing up. I had a backup that I copied to where they are supposed to be, but I guess the game doesn't care about that.

To be fair, now that I know this it's not a huge deal, and one game's files don't take up that much space. I doubt it's high on the priority list, if it's even on there at all, but it'd be really nice to have it fixed.
Would be nice to have fixed especially for those of us who take backups of the C:\ drive. I don't like having my backups filled with saves from my games.
TL;DR: I just want fix...

See bottom of post under How to fix it for now?

What is the problem?

It looks like the game is not respecting windows shell folder paths. Shell folders are the special default folders in windows that can be found by typing %userprofile% into your file explorer. The "Saved Games" folder is one of these folders, same as other default user folders such as, AppData, Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Videos, Music, Favourites etc.

Now, CDPR know this is a shell folder, because in the support doc's under "where are my saves located?", it says they are in:
%userprofile%\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077. Note the %userprofile%. %name% is how windows denotes that the following is a relative path.

However, It looks like the game has been programed with the hard path of the Saved Games default location for its save location.
But if you used the location tab in the properties of a shell folder to move it to another drive, It moves all the data out to the new location, Edits the windows reg to denote its new relative path, and then deletes the old folder.

This is why you are getting a new Saved Games folder in c:\users\youruser\. It no longer exists, so the game is just making a new one, rather then doing the Propper thing and getting windows to direct it to where the Shell Folder is.

Moving these default shell folders is something many do, especially after SSDs and NVME drives started taking off. it lets you keep all your system data on one drive, and all your personal files on another. Editing this should not be seen as a fringe case, as It is not only good practice to keep personal and system data separate, it is also something most all other applications/games respect. The game should not assume the default location is where the user is keeping their Shell folders.

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How to fix it for now?

The devs do need to fix this, As it violates Propper windows file management.

However the "fix" for now is to make a SymLink... What is a symlink you ask? Well, it is like a shortcut, but it acts like the original folder/file it links to. When called for by an application, it sneakily hands over the data from another location, without the app being aware that it just got bamboozled with a switcheroo.

!!! Edit the following to your systems setup !!!

YOUR-USER-FOLDER = The name of your user folder in c:\Users
LOCATION-OF = The Location of where you moved the "Saved Games" folder

Before you start, If you have saves in both locations, rename the saves in the "C:\Users\YOUR-USER-FOLDER\Saved Games" and then move them to "LOCATION-OF\Saved Games".

Delete the "C:\Users\YOUR-USER-FOLDER\Saved Games" folder cyberpunk keeps making when it is empty.
!!! Make sure that you are deleting the correct save game folder !!!

After all of your game saves are where they're meant to be and you have deleted the troublesome folder.
Run the Following in a CMD Command Prompt window to make a directory SymLink:

mklink /D "C:\Users\YOUR-USER-FOLDER\Saved Games" "LOCATION-OF\Saved Games"

Congratulations! Now when you launch cyberpunk and it cheques for a "Saved Games" directory in C:\Users\, it will look inside and see the data from your other location. You should now be able to load the saves and have saves go where they belong.
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