Second Conflict DIFFERENT bug: Stuck at "Leave the Totentantz"

I know the missing Dum Dum bug has been reported but this is different, and i want to know if anyone else is experiencing it:

After talking with the big dude and Nancy in the room, i got out and went through the hallway to the elevator. On the way, Nancy basically dissapeared, i could hear the beginning of a voice line and got on the elevator and went down. Nancy didnt come with me and the game doesnt register me leaving.

The mission marker is stuck on "Leave the Totentanz", with the pointer positioned exactly on the elevator entrance. Since there's no Nancy anymore i'm guessing im 100% stuck.

Two problems. This is different from the missing Dum Dum and i dont think the workaround would even work. Besides that, i've put so many game hours after this since i cant advance on the main storyline as intended before clearing this questline.

Is this going to be fixed? Is there actually a way of fixing it when the mission is underway? A "reset"and fix? Anything? Or am i fucked and would need to continue from an earlier save in order to actually play the game i paid for?
On Steam PC, when I have toe leave the Totentantz, in the lift, when nancy is speaking, the game crash!
I replayd the game differents times, but is happend the same exactly on the same point!!
Already reported tthe problem!
So I believe I found a temporary fix for this... I'm assuming that this problem comes up when you choose the stealthy route to exit the club, this is the only way I've tried the quest so far and at first got this issue (Nancy not showing up at the elevator and the objective not updating) what I noticed was that my 'optional' objective (not so optional it seems) to leave via the bathroom was still showing.

After reloading my save, I very slowly and carefully went the bathroom route, making sure to give johnny all the time he needed to speak and slowly going out the window and slowly walking across the balcony letting each optional objective marker tick itself off. After going through this section meticulously I found Nancy next to the elevator and was able to finish the quest.

I hope this hot-fix works for all of you guys too, however this should still be mentioned to the devs as an optional objective should not prevent quest progress.

Enjoy the game all, hope this helped someone. :)
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