Seeking Help: Chinese Player Unable to Access International Server Account

Hello everyone, I am a Chinese player who recently returned to the game. I initially started playing on the international server but tried the domestic server once and have been playing on it ever since. However, when I came back recently, I found that the domestic server is no longer available. Although I can still log in to my international server account, it tells me that I cannot play from my current region. I checked the official website and learned that there was a server transfer period, but unfortunately, I missed it. Now I am confused and wondering if my account is now useless. What should I do?

I am seeking help and advice here. I really enjoy this game and would like to continue playing. If there are any players who have experienced a similar situation or have any knowledge about this, please let me know how to resolve this issue. Should I contact the game's customer support to recover my account? Or are there other solutions that would allow me to continue playing on the international server? Thank you very much for your help and guidance!

I hope to receive some helpful responses regarding this issue. Thank you all!
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