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Seeking to recover my lost mods

I lost ALL TW3-related content I worked on a while back and hoping I can recover some of it, particularly the unofficial mods people may have uploaded, most importantly modSmoothFX, the AIO WIP compilation (contained epic number of edited meshes), the combined More Shadows with extra shadows + extended FX view distances, pretty much anything else I modded. I'd appreciate any links to those mods (over PM if necessary). I think some of it was uploaded to Discord, but I don't know where.
GudMods people craved your mods, some of them are still on downloads I think:
[Ask for Discord invite in PM. -Drac]
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Sent in PM links to download the your mods (8 pieces: LightSourceShadowsAIOX, HDRP Megeable, E3Quen Reworked, AARD X, Super HD Texture Compillation, SmoothFX, RivianTorchFire, Snow and Rain mod) :)
Wow! Thanks so much! I recovered almost everything I wanted and it made me feel special my mods did survive :D. Now that merging is no needed, modding will be more fun by default.
Maybe, but I want WolvenKit to get better, the new UI mod, and the new HD Reworked before I get back into TW3 modding!

EDIT: That and I am still waiting on ScoutBr0's Kaer Morhen School mod with many children NPC's, new cutscenes, quests, etc.
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Anyone have Insidious Axii and/or my mod_0000AIOWIP (contained a ton of different things, most common meshes with LOD's removed and view distance increased!)
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