Share Your V! (Keep it Classy)

After finishing the main story i went back to the starting megabuilding frontdoor and took a photo, pretty basic gear but those pants i crafted myself so i used them most of the playthrough.

Onwards to next playthrough with different lifepath and build. :D
how did you make her face? share stats please.

im so sorry i havent returned to the forums in a bit! i actually just made her to test the green hair that coulda been blonde, once i seen it was green, i deleted her :( i can try and see if i can make her again though!
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My nomad male V.

My Corpo female V.

omg, i want those glasses!
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Two more styles of my corpo V
Since there is no leaning you can do, I faked it on the second one to make it look like she is resting her arm on the ledge.
I love exploring the city and finding different colors and backgrounds to set a mood (like in the first picture)
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