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Showing off my deck (and my first Youtube videos :p)

I am really proud of this deck because every game you will play differently...because your opponent is different
The core concept of this deck is to play your opponent's deck and play better than them by keep interrupt their deck while using their cards to your advantage.

I am still a low rank player, so I don't know how strong this deck will be in higher ranks, but anyone willing to try please share the result with me :p (Warning: You will need some knowledge about the archetypes for this deck to work..or you will lose a lot. Tho higher rank players probably already knows about the different types of decks)

Here is the introduction video:

Here is the gameplay video (again remember this is lower rank..but at least I won in both fights :p) :
(As of the time I post this thread, it's still stuck in 360p, should fix itself in a few minutes)

I know the recording and my voice/grammar/pronounciation is not top grade (in my defense English is not my first language), so feel free to give suggestions, on both deck building and my recordings :)

Also this deck is probably most fun playing against discard Bran and any other engine NK, my first video I went against NG and Monster...still you can see how it works :p