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Sort Out Mulligans



Point one - Is it me or is the mulligan system just ridiculously bad??

Simple solution - when you mulligan a card, it goes to the bottom. End of story. If CDPR won't even up the initial deal order, at least make Mulligans work.

Point two - There are cards that CDPR have created which you absolutely DO NOT WANT in your starting deck. Now I get it's RNG, so that's fine, but why the hell would you have a card whose sole purpose is to appear from the deck constantly appearing in your hand? I have just lost in TWO rounds because I had Aelirinn, mulliganed it (obv), then got it back on the next round mulligan!

When you have cards whose explicit purpose is to pull cards from the deck - Ithlinne (bronze spell) and Pavko (silver item) - it follows you have to play those cards with something like Pit Trap and Thunder. But with good ol' Mulligan at work, I draw at least one in my opening hand - every single time. I've gone games without drawing a single gold card, but I guarantee I'll get Thunder (actually Stammelford's is the worst of all, always turns up) at least twice. Either CDPR make it so every card SPAWNS the thing they're most likely to pull, or you have to do something about the special cards in the starting deck. So....

Solution two - add a mechanic whereby you have three "supporting" cards. They come from spells, items, etc. They could blast a lot of the pointless spell/alchemy cards (epidemic, anyone, ever?!) and have a much smaller number, then only have a set number of slots for those cards. Then the special cards don't appear in your deal. The initial card and your hand should ONLY be units. Maybe one Gold (Shupe/Muzzle), two silver (Pit Trap/Scorch) and three bronze (Thunder/Ale/etc.) then twenty units which is what you play from.
This is where the less explained Blacklisting works. How those "played from deck" cards work needs no buff at all. Its downside is there for a good reason. NR and NG probably has the most of this, but I rarely bricked my stuffs most of the time. It's just very rarely that I got into such situation.

On the other side, I'd love to get to choose 1 card in my deck to always appear in my starting hand. I mean, it's frustrating to play a hand full of bronzes. And I think most people have experienced the glory of playing a game without using any Golds beside their Leader. But anyway, I'm fine with whichever. I'm more concerned about coin-flip, silver spies, and bronze values' balance.