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[SPOILER]: So, you’ve finished Thronebreaker. What did you think, and how did you do? (Choices and consequence)

I completed it the other night. Really enjoyed it bar a few minor points.
  • I had everything upgraded by Aidern, I lost a bit of momentum after that
  • The end, while satisfying, was a slight let-down in that you didn’t get to kill Aep Dahy yourself
As for my game:

I killed Reynard, thinking he was the better choice than Gascon (remembering that Gascon had made a deal with Nilfgaard before) to infiltrate Rivia. So it was ironic that the only character I had with me at the end was Gascon (and Dagur). Didn’t get Eyke, told Black Rayla to GTF, shopped Gabor to Brouver, Isbel left after I banished the Nilfgaard settlers, I killed Grumpy Gerwin, and I let Barnabas become the foreman of the town

I also kidnapped my son and slayed the Nilfgaard emissary. So, by the end I was a cold and just queen that all my subjects were slightly terrified of. I love that, the decisions I made had a real affect on the ending of my game, and it wasn’t fluffed up to make me feel better.

When is the next one, CDPR?