Suggestions for handling the clunky Gwent interface?

Despite complaints about difficulties with the Gwent interface on mobile devices, I am not seeing that as a developer concern — let alone a priority. So am am hoping other players might have suggestions for coping with the most frustrating issues. I am certain I am not the only player who has these issues. How do you handle/mitigate them?

The biggest issue I have is when making selections from multiple cards (e. g. Fisher King or Triss:Butterflies). The interface is inconsistent in recording my tapping cards (often taps don’t register, sometimes they highlight the card without keeping the highlight, sometimes they lag so badly that I have already re-tapped them — resulting in them being unselected). Thus I consume a lot of time, and often end up with the wrong card selected — which can cause the match to be lost.

The second most irritating issue is when cards (e.g. arcane tome) or leader abilities (e.g. stockpile) remain selected from one turn to the next. First, I often don’t notice that they are active. Then, if I do notice, I often trigger them when I intend to deselect them because I know no graceful way to deselect other than clicking on an inactive area.

The third issue is specifically with Golden Nekker. Especially with specials, I have to click the card (often several times) before I can drag it to a target. Sometimes this takes more time than I have in a turn. (I generally have only used Nekker in decks to quickly complete quests involving playing cards, so every card Nekker plays leads to playing other cards, which can lead to other cards….)

Fourth, when wanting to trigger orders (especially orders requiring a target), I may need to click the unit being ordered repeatedly before the orders activate. When triggering orders from units with multiple charges, I sometimes have to reactivate the unit between orders, other times I do not. All this takes time — sometimes too much time.

Fifth, sometimes I even have trouble playing cards from my hand. I click and drag to the board, but nothing happens. It is not unusual to do this as often as 5 times before it works.

Finally, positioning units on a row can be tricky. I dab’s always get the unit where I want it. The indication of which two units the card will appear between does not occur until after I click to place the card.

As a consequence, I have given up playing the blitz seasonal. I also cannot play the stockpile leader. I cannot play NR mages, siege, priestesses or any other deck which tends to accumulate charges. I can only play Golden Nekker in decks where I don’t mind the AI finishing my turn (e.g. quest decks where my goal is not necessarily to win the match). And I struggle with infuse because I don’t have time to read what has been infused with what.

Can anyone advise on any of these issues?
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