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The Game Awards: Predictions


What do you hope to see at The Game Awards

  • New trailer with release date

    Votes: 16 38.1%
  • New trailer from the perspective of female V

    Votes: 9 21.4%
  • Night time Demo

    Votes: 18 42.9%
  • Male V demo

    Votes: 9 21.4%
  • Downloadable demo of the character creator

    Votes: 14 33.3%

  • Total voters


I still doubt we'll see anything. I remember before one other event this year there was a scene from the cyberpunk trailer in the advertisements, but nothing from cyberpunk in the actual event. Can't remember which event it was this summer, but yeah ...
Yeah, but the game awards only showed games that were connected to the game awards, so its more likely than the inside xbox thing
there wont and should not be any new material from CP2077 imo, especially when we don't even know the release date.


I agree, and as painful as it is to wait with nothing new to see i would prefer if they didn't show anything else until they also have a release date. We already got a huge demo we don't really need to see anything else for now, it will just make the waiting even harder without a release date.


And I demand they apologize to us by giving us each a specialized, CP2077-themed shrubbery!
IT would seem awfully inconvenient to do this. IT might be nice to have some more stuff, but I think ITs safe to say IT wont happen anytime soon. We'll just have to wait IT out.

Icky icky icky icky pa-tank zu-boing n'zowwringmm!


Who are you?!

Monthy Python references aside, I'm glad Marcin confirmed they won't show anything there. It's appreciated, and helps to keep speculation in check.

This just reinforces my belief that we'll see something a couple months before E3, with some big announcement there (not necessarily release date, but possibly). I don't think they would go another 12 months without giving us anything.


I don't think any of those things are likely but voted for downloadable CC since it would be fun to tinker around.