The guilty pleasure thread

Okay this is kinda between chilly and embarrassing stuff: you would post a fact about you that is a bit random and you wouldn't tell anyone but a friend. I like to drink a cold Longdrink with lots is ice cubes before going do bed, especially in hotels rather than a warm beverage. Oh and to make it more random, after that I take a power nap /W a cig in my mouth, so I wake up when it gets warm around my goatee. Feel free to share your awkward antics.
Well I am not into anime enough to know if there is a deeper meaning so I will do a similar one from me. I like to eat food so spicy it's almost painful though I can turn of my feelings by choice it's actually calming me down. So Indian food, Mexican food and all the Texas and southern dishes. Therefore I cannot sleep after watching nan vs. Food or bbq reality tv because I walk to the fridge and start cooking at least a pound of 🥓 and some eggs sunny side up and more toast. And loads of black coffee.
Why would someone post on a public thread something that they'd only tell a friend? That's an oxymoron if ever there were such a thing.

I don't mind posting something random about myself that isn't a secret though. I prefer Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to Reese's Pieces, and it isn't even a close contest.
And there it is the old battle of Comedian against local person. First no it isn't though in these times where two probs exist, first the youth who makes essays with AI and the college people who take enhancements to keep up. With the only a friend I meant a secret and don't come me with semantics cause I studied them at University in yurop ;P and am never impressed by any derailing if a feel good thread. If your person thinks that this isn't your cup of tea it would be wise to scramp and Spock and police 🚓 attack dogs who also had guest roles in a cheesy British serial are a bit too meta for my likings. Or it could just be that you both are bored 🥱 and feel that Vidya games aren't enough to twist your nerves. I'm laughing so hard that I'm almost lying in 🪡 s okay will take a break nothing against discussions but ass burgers cannot understand FUN more than Daleks -_-
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