The police system is awfull


after doing everything in the game, i went on a rampage in the city, and i have to say the police system is the worst i have ever seen in any game.
If you reach Max wanted level, 3-4 normal cops, 2-3 netrunners and sometimes 1-2 Fighting bots SPAWN ( YES SPAWN ) right in your face. They don't come in cars or trauma team AV's, THEY JUST SPAWN IN YOUR FACE. And trauma team is non existent. Also if you win the fight, your wanted level just dissapears. What the hell is this?
Yup. Tons of people have complained about it. Unless CDPR completely rebuilds their game engine, I don't see this ever changing.
I never have played a game where i just play such a straight shooter, because I am just too tired of dealing with the broken cops.
my favorite part was when i was deep underground and had already killed all enemies, i found some dude jacked in. he was no real threat so i did what most anyone would do in my situation, i killed him with my pimp cane. apparently he was a "friendly" and i got a warrant. immediately 1 cop and one drone just spawned in front of me.

also the fact you can't hack cops is lame
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