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Thronebreaker cards and kegs have not been recieved even though i bought it

i recently acquired thronebreaker and it stated that with it you receive 5 Premuim Card Kegs and all basic Non-Premium card kegs

but,i have received neither of those and in the main menu screen it states i haven't purchased thronebreaker even though i have
whats more,is that even though the game does not acknowledge that i have acquired it i still receive my achievements

does anybody have an answer for this?

i have had it for 2 days and i heard it takes 1 day for it to recognize thronebreaker,but it hasnt
Did you buy Thronebreaker on Steam or GOG? Only the GOG version will grant you the bonus for the multiplayer.
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no i didnt

also im not stupid
That has nothing to do with being “stupid“. There are quite a few people who actually made that mistake.

Anyhow, if you bought the GOG version of TB and the rewards don‘t show in Gwent, it‘s best to report it to CDPR support, so they can investigate. For example using the contact link from this page:
And, the response time can also depend on the volume of tickets they are currently processing from players. If there are quite a few, it may take them longer to respond.