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Thronebreaker Corrupted Save File

Hi after putting it up for a long time i finally started playing thronebreaker.

love the story and the game. after a good 30 hours now my pc looked up and i had to restart, sadly this happened while the game was auto saving a now my save file is corrupted. i was like 30 mimnutes from taking back rivia castle just cleaning up the last map and now i cant continue.

is there anyway to salvage this. i ve attached my save game folder. the corrupted save is 3 hours after the last snapshot save slot. i tried deleting the corrupted save hoping the game would use the one before that but it wont. tried running the game in offline mode hoping it would not use a corrupted cloud save but that also didnt work.
this is on steam by the way

can someone help me ?

i know there are loads of different endings and path in the game but still another 30 hours to get where i was before is just too much of an investment and i rather would know where my chosen path leads than having to start over again.