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Thronebreaker on Xbox One (X)

Hi there all!

Ive been playing Thronebraker 10 to 15 hours and the following needs to be fixed:

- After loading into a whole new screen, the graphics will hang for a few seconds
- There are graphic problems with massive micro lags (especially when there is fire all over the map) - shouldnt happen with Xbox X at all
- The game crashed two times completely
- After not getting the manticore i decided to delete the old savegame and start from all new. The game didnt save anything. Instead the old savegame appeared. The new savegame didnt appear.

I know there will be a hotfix, but right now - without being able to save a new game - it need to be rolled out now. Why? I payed for it and i like the game.

And yes, i also could send those bugs directly to you, but i want everyone else see it. And if your internal communitcation is customer orientated you will forward this to your devs...

Thank you for fixing this now for Xbox and not in a few days (since 13th of Dec). We now have Dec 18th...