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Thronebreaker Typo in text (Mild Spoilers)

I didn't know where to post this but I've seen CDPR staff over here so I trust this will fall in good hands (as I couldn't find a Thronebreaker forum).
While playing Thronebreaker I encountered a typo that irked me, especially because it's such a silly one (could have happened to anyone but stil made me snort).
When playing the side-quest "Haunted Mine", once you beat the mysterious people attacking you, you find out it's actually miners, and they say "We're... we're you're subjects".
Lol, nothing serious at all, just putting it out there in case they want to fix it.
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Found another mistake on the next slide, they forgot to place quotation marks at the end of the Rivian's dialogue, looks like a late-night writer just wanted to go to sleep when making this, hah!


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