Tv shows without sound or voice

Hi. I play CP2077 on Ps5, and after patch 2.02 have still some problems with tv in V's appartaments. Many tv show have sound issues:
1) "Your business is my business" tv shows have no audio.
2) One episode of "Chip in" about cyberlegs has the wrong audio of cybereyes episode.
3) Some tv news episode, as the one with the "Mayor speaking with some policemen" has no audio.
4) Some tv ads, as "Nicola can" freeze before the end.
Maybe there are others that i haven't found yet....I play in italian language, but trying with english, I still have found the same issues ...pleace, fix them by next hotfix.
It would be nice to actually have the option to disable audio from all TV Ads in the game world. They are driving me crazy.
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