Twitch drops for cyberpunk 2077

I had already watched the streams when they were doing the twitch drops. I just got a PS5 and downloaded cyberpunk 2077 to it when I started up the game I already scanned the QR code for the witcher items. But when it came down to the twitch drops I never received them so I unlinked my account from twitch (worst mistake possible probably) and I went to go link it back up by using the website everyone keeps giving me but it keeps taking me right back to the cyberpunk 2077 home page. If anyone has going through this problem and found a way to link their accounts back up would you help please. Cause what's the point in watching the streams if you can not claim the items. I would greatly appreciate the help
Not 100% but Gwent also use GOG account linked to Twitch, so I guess linking your GOG account will work for all CDPR for now (it will change very soon).
Ok :(
On twitch, Phantom Liberty drops appear in Drops & Rewards tab?
Maybe because GOG accounts will no longer be used for rewards or features on CDPR games or on the forum. So at least, maybe wait to see after the change.
You can also directly contact the support ("contact us" button). This category should be fine ;)
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