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Usage of fan art in videos

Usage of fan art in videos

I am currently working on a Witcher Lore video series for my small YouTube channel. For illustration purposes I'd love to use some of this fantastic fan art if this was possible.
I'd like to ask the artists here what the general attitude towards something like this is? Is is permitted if the author is credited properly (which I would of course do with a link to DeviantArt or a specific
post on this thread or whatever else source I can find. Some artists already include their name in their picture)

I'd love to ask each individual artist for permission but often it is really hard to even find out how to contact the artist. Private messages on Deviant Art often remain unanswered.

In any case, I'd like to thank the artists of this forum either way for all their fantastic work. It continues to inspire me, makes me love the world even more and made me think about such a lore series to begin with :)
Hello there, KeldorKatarn .
Unfortunately, very few of the actual artists still visit us here on the Forums (I wish they did, though), so I'm uncertain if you'll receive a reply from any of them in this thread. Of course, I can't speak for all them, either; however, my strong recommendation would be to always make an effort to contact the artists individually, and ask their permissions to use their work in your videos. Although we encourage users to identify and credit the artists whose work is casually shared in this section -- even if the artists weren't consulted beforehand -- including fan art in videos could be considered a bit differently, since videos are a more complex form of publication, with authors and artistic purposes of their own. Therefore, I'd still say ask first, and use only those artists' work who give specific permission. This seems the fairest, most respectful, approach, in my opinion.

That said, thank you for your enthusiasm for the Series, and for considering the respect for artists!