Videogame series in which you loved the original but not the sequel/s?

Is there any videogame you love that got a sequel that did not live up to the expectations, or failed at equaling what you loved of the original?
I really loved Metal Gear Solid, but absolutely detest Metal Gear Solid 2. I hate Raiden and his stupid family so much. But it's all good since they redeemed the series with Snake Eater.
i was a very fan of all Final fantasy until FFX-2 and FFXIII
it was the same feeling with the Halo , after Halo 3 , don t find anymore the adn of the game .
I think Dark Souls, or more accurately Demon's Souls.

Bloodborne and Sekiro were great variations on a theme but the Dark sequels seemed to be missing a certain something. I still have mixed feelings about Elden Ring.

(this did not stop me buying and 100%-ing them)
I loved Diablo... and Diablo 2 - for that matter. Diablo is probably in my top 25 games ever, Diablo 2 in my top 5-10.

I think Diablo 3 is a mediocre game at best.

I think Diablo 4 is an unplayable debacle for a ton of reasons. I actually find that game insulting, haha.
Chess just hasn’t been the same since they updated the rules back in the 16th century.

I rarely actually laugh out loud but I did at this.

As for the OP - Saint's row is one that comes to mind. The first 2 were great for what they were. They had their charm. But then the series went wacky as hell. Too much for my taste anyway.

Company of heroes. The first game was a masterpiece of strategy gaming. The second one just fell so flat. Third one I am still on the fence about. Not as good as the first one but definitely better than the second one.

There are so many more....
Pokemon games, if that counts :O
I liked them up to the 2nd or 3rd gen - the last I played was Emerald.

The new ones on Nintendo Switch are too expensive and look too weird - I believe there are Pokemons which look like washing machines, candlesticks,...

I hate Nintendo and Riot Games (League of Legends) for milking the universes so much. For over like 15 and 25 years they uninterruptedly sucked so much money, lowered quality with every release, and profited the most on long-term fans. I find it both sad and ridiculous.

I would've loved them to release modding tools and try to create new games with them, but oh well, they were and still are extremely greedy and blinded by the passive income...
I loved the Sims 1 and Sims 2 even more so but as the series went on I didn't spent so much time in Sims 3 or 4
I really miss the days back playing the newest release of classic COD on my Christmas time off from work each year. But they abandoned the bolt action strategy and timing fun for spray and pray.
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The ones I can think of right now:

Dragon Age Origins: great RPG full of possibilities and roleplaying choices, with a gameplay that was essentially KOTOR in a medieval fantasy. Then came DA2 which was way inferior, and then Inquisition, although an improvement over 2, it just didn't reach the standards set by the original game.

The DA series worked better as an old-school RPG IMHO. It suited that world, it's the kind of which benefits the most from a traditional RPG style, not as an action RPG.

Horizon Zero Dawn: I don't hate the sequel (I like it quite a bit in fact), it just doesn't make me feel what ZD did: a Hero's Journey from beginning to end, Aloy's journey from outcast hated by her tribe to a hero who feels insulted when worshiped by the very same people due to the very same absurd prejudice. It was a story about finding out what happened to the world and the people who had a hand in both the world's demise and its salvation, and how their actions still echo long after heir deaths, affecting the current world.

The sequel just didn't have that awesome feel of wonder the original had, so for me it's nowhere near as memorable.

Dead Space: seriously, this one didn't really need sequels, the first game was pretty perfect, it felt like a film. The score, the atmosphere... all amazingly done. One of the most memorable games I've played and a true Sci-Fi horror classic.

The second one was fine, but it didn't reach the quality of the original. And the third, while it expanded the lore in interesting ways, made the mistake of ditching the horror in favor of the action, which worked against it.
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Not sure it counts as the original, but Monkey Island 2 is probably my favourite game ever. And every sequel since I've hated. Probably because a lot of its charm came from the fact it was what we'd now call pixel art and predated 3d graphics (oh, Tomb Raider, what did you do).

(Yes, anyone under 40 has probably not played MI2.)


Mortal Kombat. The first game had everything. It had style, it had class, depth, discipline, strength. So much so, that it became vastly controversial.

Mortal Kombat II had nothing of the sort. For starters, the Arcades received it in an uncompleted state. For continuers, it was perceived as an ordinary fighting game that just bare the name we all loved. It just didn't had that Mortal Kombat feel to it.

Not gonna border with the rest of its sequels. Definitely not worth it.
Asheron's Call. The original was (is - there are player-run servers) insanely good but the sequel was out for only three years before it was shut down.


Mass Effect, definitely. The third installment of the series was... not as good as the previous one, so to speak, but "Andromeda" was really a disappointment. >_>
Agreed. ME3 was a letdown that failed to meet the standard set by 1 and 2 but at least it had some redeeming qualities like the combat. Andromeda... might as well not exist.
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