What did you guys do with this game?

- The new skill system is horrible and not intuitive. The old system was not good. Netrunner was too OP. But this? What is this? Just horrible.
- many of the new features reminds of cheap rockstar GTa V action in its worst way
- the game flow is totally broken with those senseless attacks. I talk to a ripper and get attacked while i cant even use a weapon in this non-fight zone. but the attackers can attack. And noone cares about this in the surrounding. CDPR.. who has told you to do such a mess? It is totally unimmersive.
- the game is completely broken now and when I compare it to before I would give a clear -40% to a max of 55%. This is complete bullshit.
Who the fuck you listened to do such a mess with this game?

It is much worse than before. Sure, theer are also some better things like better control of vehicles and such stuff. But from the playability,
the fun to play it, it is much worse. I played it b4 2 times. Now I have really no fun to play and even to play the new DLC i bought, This game feels odd,
It doesn't make fun anymore.

Welcome to the mediocre game studios. I mean, you really messed up the game in a way that I don't want to see the new content as this is from the playbility total shit and not satisfying anymore.
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The new skill system is terrible. Although I loved the old netrunner build.

And yes there seems to be a lot of “did they not think this might happen?” gameplay moments.
It’s a shame that a dlc that shows so much promise, get undercut by a bad combat revision.
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