What do you actually LIKE about the game?

Problems do not prevent you from having fun playing as with everything :)
If we only took pleasure in driving in a Ferrari, or the pleasure of eating only in a 5-star restaurant, that would be very sad...

But if i constantly have to reload because of bugs or unrealistic fights, it becomes a pain. Plus various things that just makes the game frustrating. It's about the game being playable, without issues, bugs, poorly designed elements
For me i loved the visuals of the city.
I also love the music, Samurai is still regularly on my playlist.
There's some fantastic NPC's that i really enjoyed (whether that be jackie, Judy, Panam etc).
Sadly the way they chose currently to conclude the game(choicewise) killed all that.
The games backstory and lore hooked me instantly. For a little over a year, there were constant videos about the different locations, gangs and corporations that exist in Night City. It gave us the illusion of a populated neo-metropolis of advanced industry tech, crime and high life. After playing the game with minor graphical issues; I was still hooked with the NOMAD life path. Within Night City is became connected to many of the friends that V makes. As you pealed away at the onion, it really made you feel as if the story had no clear ending to it. No matter which building you walked in; there was something new to find that would unlock more narrative.
Problems do not prevent you from having fun playing as with everything :)
If we only took pleasure in driving in a Ferrari, or the pleasure of eating only in a 5-star restaurant, that would be very sad...
For many. Myself included. Its like going to a normal restaurant and expecting normal, good food because the restaurant had been advertised as the best in town; but what we get is uncooked food or burned.
Last week I started my fifth run ... I guess I really love starting obstacles and slow initial "build" of my new V ... almost all can kill her, she need to carefuly pick where to start fight and how to proceed. Not all can be solved with brute force (on start is better to say that only small amount of things can be solved such way). And of course I love NC environment, driving on motorbike between cars on busy streets and heads sniping during fights with occassional use of hacks and parkur runs. This game definitelly is for me a way to relax and have fun, it have interesting story with numerous small details which can be still found new despite hundreds of hours of previous play.
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There are too many problems spoiling immersion and enjoyment to "like" it, not that I "hate" it either, but... one amusing thing I've discovered today is that if you try hard enough, you can still find ways to get outside the map and go exploring. Actually runs more smoothly with nothing around too, lol.
Level design in the small non narrative contracts from fixers, the lore, the art, some songs, and the first person only perspective.

Everything else goes from barely acceptable to my god what have you done. Graphics included since, you know, the game runs surprisingly well on PS5...
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I love the entirety of the game really. I just wish there had been less working for the Police in slaughtering the poor for money and more story.
There are many threads criticizing this game for nearly every aspect of it: for its story, for its technical shortcomings, for the certainly not excellent AI, for the "lies" everyone and their mother think CDPR said prior to launch and the expectations that weren't met.

While i see a lot of things that could (and should) be improved, and the game has this feeling of "roughness" about it, like a rough diamond or a sketch on a canvas before the actual painting... i actually like it. I like it VERY MUCH.

In this thread, I'd like to hear what you actually enjoyed, liked or even LOVED about CP77.

Please, to everyone who wants to criticize the game and point out its shortcomings: there are better threads for that (quite a lot of them actually). This discussion will be all about the GOOD things.

I'll start. I've actually grown to love the combat in this game. It has this Doom-like vibe all over it: it's fast paced, straightforward, and expecially once you unlock things like Sandevistan or Berserk it makes you feel awesome, running and shooting while everyone is moving in slow-mo, or jumping from a container and squashing three goons like you were some sort of badass superhero. And the weapons? Should i even start? Revolvers that make people explode with a single bullet, blades coming out of your arms that would make Wolverine proud, katanas cutting arms and heads like you're some kind of japanese demon... There's something for every taste. You can approach every fight in a lot of different ways, from "silent assassin" style to a raging frontal assault that would make Rambo cry in a corner in shame. And all of this while you make people literally KILL THEMSELVES, make the grenades in their pockets explode or make them go completely psycho and assault their own allies, thanks to the variety of quickhacks.

So, your turn. Name the best aspect of the game, or the thing you enjoyed the most, and elaborate.
I love the self-comedy of Cyberpunk 200-whatever. It has the courage to be bad and never look back. Even though I wasted 60$, it always seems to make up for it as tragedy. That is priceless! :)

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1. World/level design. Night City is one of the most impressively designed video game locations I've seen. I pretty much never fast traveled in the game, simply drove or ran everywhere just so I could see more of the city.

2. Characters. Most of Cyberpunk's characters are very memorable and well written. The quiet and peaceful moments you get to spend with some of them, gives you an opportunity to see a different side to them, which makes these characters feel multifaceted and almost life-like. I think that character writing is one of the game's strongest suits.

3. Soundtracks. The game's soundtracks are pretty unanimously praised, and with good reason. It's chock-full of great tunes.

4. Languages. Someone mentioned this before, but hearing non-English languages in the game made Night City feel more diverse.

5. Quests. The game has a lot of engaging and well written quests. Some of them definitely left me wanting for more.

When it comes to criticizing certain aspects of the game I find lacking, I can come across way more salty and harsh than I intend to, but overall, I really like Cyberpunk and found things I like, even love about the game.
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What I love about 2077 is definately Night City itself, yes, it's not exactly filling with life and hated that we were lied to about that.

However I do love the design and realisation of Night City, the buildings, the ads, the streets I love to look around and stare. Having it at night seeing the lights and ads give me many Bladerunner feels.
I just wish it was "alive"
I love driving around the city in first person. After 'training' ith different cars in first person, things are much more immersive. I think I'll stick with first-person view. The city is magnificent in its splendor and horrifying in it's squalor when looking closely. It's very Yin/Yang in this respect.
Johnny Chip most definitely. I wouldnt mind if there was more chips like it. I even thought maybe Salma Hayek could work..
350 hours in and I can agree with most people here, the design and atmosphere of Night City is what I love about the game and what makes me keep coming back. I've played all relevant open world games before, but CP is the first one that makes me feel like I'm walking around in a real metropole, thanks to the massive amount of detail and a realistic sense of scale and proportions.
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