What kind of gwentfinity should it be? Here is my simple and logical proposition

A simple and important proposal for Gwynfinity: open all available art from the files of OBT, Rogue Mage, and Thronebreaker, give the opportunity to certain anonymous members of the community to come up with abilities for these cards, and after the approval of those who remain to work in CDPR, these cards would be added to the game - without animations or sounds or with animations and sounds made by those who want to do it or can.
According to future updates for future years: according to the same principle, the annual limit is 6 new cards per year if there are arts and abilities from the community, and after your approval, new cards would be added to the game.
Or make an open modding system for the game, which will work on the principle of community voting or approval of people who will continue to follow the game.
On your part, if there is an acceptable number of people in the game, add rare donation content to it (fields, skins, cardbacks)
In my opinion, there is nothing impossible in my proposals.
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