What would Fix the game for you?

had a radeon VII before , was running "fine" on the same system , but now i changed for the 6800xt the game decided to perform ultra bad ... that's the only game making this , unplayable ... paid for nothing even lost my savegames while trying to search for solution ... worst game experience ever
See that's the weirdest thingto me, how the bugs and issues range from hardware to hardware, had other friends on older hardware and while they didn't go for ultra setting they were able to play the game without many bugs and issues like we had, then another friend which had similar settings to ours had crashes and all sorts of issues, I just can't believe the game is all over the place in that regard, makes me think that it was really rushed and as a QA myself makes me think that the job their QA department did was lousy to say the least, either because they didn't report cross-platform issues and cross hardware issues or because they were completely disregarded and they didn't stood their ground but that's only the QA perspective, DEV, middle and higher management and more sides to this equation should be thoroughly analyzed
I'd be very happy to see restored cut content.

An AI overhaul ASAP (especially for police)

More of everything, from guns, to enemy tipes (more variety and a bit more depth on the netrunners)
I don't give a f***k about useless things such as sitting on benches: I'd like side activities that actually matter, storywise. Playing videogames like in Yakuza can wait, for now.

More player agency and variety in side activities. (It would be interesting to introduce more factions and the possibility to join them, but it's not an essential part, in my opinion, and it could be complicated to do, if we try to relate it to the main story)

It wouldn't be bad to have a bonus mission/easter egg with Ciri.

There won't be any sequel if the first doesn't get fixed.
I only just got this for Christmas, and so far, I am enjoying it. I'm playing on PS4, so I'm wondering/curious about how many glitches I will encounter during play. I played Avengers and finished the story on Day 1 of Early Access for pre-orders and I didn't really encounter that many problems as being reported after official launch. I'm honestly not expecting to find much now here.
Whatever I write here, nothing will change in the game, because it is finished.

Gunplay, leveling, loot, crafting, upgrading and balance are bad. Nothing is changed to game design approach since witcher 3. CDPR can't make gameplay, and if they still want to launch multiplayer in 2022, it will be the real disaster and their way to grave.

Now now, Iskras earlier said it, it CAN change, it happened in the past for different companies and franchises so for CDPR to do it they have to put some bigboygirl pants and aside accepting that this product was subpar against what was advertised they need to start working on something aside hotfixes.

By default hotfixes themselves are not a hail mary but a rather crunch time attempt to make something that was Fd up better, you put the hotfix on the branch, QA it after dev did their quick tests and then you push it live (over simplifying here but I'd tihnk everyone would understand my meaning and the process)

What's needed here is not a barrage of hotfixes but a true and tried update, they did a decent enough work with hotfixes giving the time, but an update including severely needed elements and/or changing some mechanics should be the way to go now, alas, that takes time, maybe months even, we can safely say that the game should've been in development and testing at least for 6 more months in PC and a whole year more for consoles.
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Playing videogames like in Yakuza can wait, for now.

More player agency and variety in side activities. (It would be interesting to introduce more factions and the possibility to join them, but it's not an essential part, in my opinion, and it could be complicated to do, if we try to relate it to the main story)

So good to see someone referencing Yakuza series, love it, SEGA outdid themselves with the PC port there but I digress.

This, literally this, more player agency and I did mention it in other posts, better railroading, but more than anything more player agency is needed, I'd even argue that player agency is needed per se because of how the story feels sometimes (meaning, there's no true player agency)
More ideas:

1. Being able to organize the list of vehicles you are able to call upon. I hate that I have to scroll down so much just to select the one vehicle that I always use. You should be able to have quick access to the vehicles that you used placed at the top of the list and have the rest of it organized by vehicle type, all custom arranged.

2. Have the called vehicle reach you, no matter how close it is to you. If I look around and can't find it, then I want to be able to call it to my side instead of having it beep at me and then waste time trying to locate it again.
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I'd love if there was more customizable options for cars, bikes, clothes, weapons etc...It's 2020, adding more color variations really shouldn't be a problem.
More visible cyberware for our Vs. All NPCs look hella great and our character can have just few cyberware designs on their face or 4 on their arms.
Adding more cars on roads...I hate the fact I can see 300% more cars in like...200m distance but the closer I get the more these cars start disappearing :D...this just ruins my experience by believing in this living city. It would work great for a closed adventure game with locked locations, but if an open world has this disappearing cars it just looks meh.
Then add something that would increase the role-playing side of night city. Hottels to stay in/buy more apartmens, animations for drinking at bars, eating etc...then barber shops with PROPER animations.
Animations for buying cyberware, guns etc...
Dynamic weather...I personally hate it rains in Night city only when some main missuoi are being played...Add rain to normal gameplay too.
And much much more
Another matter: the pinpoint accuracy needs to go away--close enough is good enough. If I'm close enough to my transportation to hop on, then it shouldn't matter whether or not the subatomic dot in the center of the screen is touching it. Same goes for doors, item pick up, and anything else.
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Nothing. The ship has sailed. Just make Cyberpunk 2. No more V that story is dead.
My very pessimistic side fears it might possibly end up like this, with emphasis on the first part. To summarize, the game seeing its most urgent things fixed and remaining largely as is with some of the more underlying problems.

But of course I hope to be wrong in this regard.

I would generally categorize in three areas.

1) Bugs and technical issues that can be reasonably fixed in usually a short amount of time

2) Minor and major content additions and revisions that can be reasonably implemented in a moderate amount of time
(can also include refining gameplay features)

3) Re-doing key parts of the plot or core game mechanics that ... may be questionable because I imagine it requires a large of amount of work - it is therefore the most unlikely

Now, all of that including the unspecific time frames are subjective largely. Point being is, we can expect many things to change but they obviously can hardly redo the core of the plot. For those who might've hoped for something else, I mean.

We likely see 1 and 2 apply in that order throughout the next weeks, months, or year(s) until they - I imagine - positively surprise us with the next follow up game that surely will be perceived better due to a "learning process" and feedback collected throughout.


I don't want to post a massive chunk of text nor a huge list to state what I think would fix the issues in this game, so a few lines of text will do.

I think the apparent bugs and performance related issues need to go, cut / withheld / changed content added and the world itself would need more activities or types of activities. If I can, on top, get DLC that allow me to take a deep(er) dive with some (sub-)factions, even lemme sign up, while making the NPCs and AI more reactive to what I do and what I might wear, then I'd be happy and by then consider it a nice game all in all. In addition, some quality of life things like walking (even though a mod already cover it), sitting, a 'barber' or char customization at a ripperdoc and more clothing / gear.

The path until then, however, isn't anywhere about to end I feel, nor can you deviate from it too much because what's done is largely done.

My main hope is that they might attempt a new approach to tackling the next game, perhaps more akin to a classical RPG open world experience with some more choices and character customization.

1. Have the cyberpsychos directly labeled on the map instead of as Side Job.

2. When you take your vehicle to the edge of a boundary where the game forces you off of it (like approaching a cyberpsycho), then when the encounter is over, you should be able to get back on/in your vehicle and ride/drive away instead of attempting to do so and being forced off/out of the vehicle again.

3. Get rid of the minimap for driving. I can't pay attention to it and the road at the same time. Have the route appear as a line to follow on or above the road itself.

4. Have shops and bars named on the map so we can find the ones that we're looking for.

5. Equipping weapons shouldn't be difficult. I select the weapon and then the slot it goes in. The only time one weapon replaces the other is when I do it manually.

I can't believe how much common sense is missing from this game.
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Hi Cyberpunk people

I completed the main story and all side quests
30 hours +-

what would fix the game for you? in your honest opinion?

we waited 8 years, is this what you expected?

what could the red devs add/remove/fix in this game it make it better?
I am at 100 hours and have not finished. I have been exploring the bad lands, such that they are and various nooks and crannies in the game and have found some interesting easter eggs and even 4 free legendaries of which 1 was useful for something besides salvage. Hot fix 1.05 and Hot fix 1.06 caused more glitches than they fixed on PC but over all it is enjoyable. But I agree it is not as replayable as the Witcher 3, or even other open world RPGs. I think this is much better than No Mans Sky when it first dropped, but until the world is fleshed out, this will be an ok game to play, not great.
noticed something, the game beginning to have the fps attended when approaching the limits of the delimitations of the arena ...(in the desert for example, when the game tells to turn around because there is "nothing for you over there" ... at this moment the game acts normally and then when i go further and the game replaces me then back to 15fps slideshow ... so definitely on more game engine related bug to solve ... if there is still someone at cd project
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The whole main quest aka the whole game,
In witcher 3, a lot of your side quest character will go back to the main quest so you are willing to do it. But cyberpunk isn't, you finished the side quest and that's it, nothing will change(there are few romance quest will change but that's it) You can even finish three side quest to get a big main quest in Witcher 3 but in cyberpunk no one care at all. All the romance characters don't even know each other in the game. This disconnection of character makes cyberpunk feel very short and meaningless because you won't ever care to do those side quests when everything has no connection to each other. I been saying this, cyberpunk has a structure problem and that can't be fixed by an update. The whole game is just a beautiful visual upgrade vision of Skyrim, at least in Skyrim there are factions you can connect with but cyberpunk doesn't ever have that. In a way, ever fallout 4 is doing a better job than cyberpunk in terms of questing.
The game that they advertised for years.

Maybe in CP2078 I'll get the game I wanted, an open-world Cyberpunk RPG. Cause no amount of fixes will turn this game into that.
I just need an end game. I know this game by design is meant to be replayed after finishing the story and side quests, but....this game "feel less like an RPG and more like a Looter Shooter". albeit with the addition of linear dialogue choices.

at least in a looter shooter like Borderland, they give you a reason to play around with your maxed out character in the end game (the Circle of Slaughter arena in borderlands 3 for example). but in this game, once you hit 50 (and you reached that by doing ALL the sidequests btw ), and done building your perfect character, you are pretty much already done.
nothing to do but restart the game, do all the linear illusion of choice once again. choose an ending, repeat. or you get thrown to the point of no return save with nothing else to do with your maxed out character.

I hope this get fixed in the DLCs at least.
and the bugs.. of course. hahah... haaaaah.......
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I would like to see a little bit more of everything.

Better clothing or being able to swap the stats of other clothing at least.

Car modification

Allow food to have different or more varied stats

Allot more world interaction with shops and NPCs

Foremost put everything in the game that was cut.
Companies are smart and know not to advertise too much so early in development. You have games that announce their product and go completely underground until their game is about finished, or if they do advertise, they at least wait some and keep features to a minimum.

Cyberpunk in a way is a diamond in the rough. The damage may have already been dealt, but there is still hope. The main issue that cyberpunk has -

Their base story is great, but their mediocre lifepath/dialogue options hurt it.

The gun play is dope, but their balance and crappy AI ruins it.

Their world/city is beautiful, but its shallowness taints it.

Their vehicles are cool, but the vehicles are poorly grounded and its first person view is really hit and miss.

The new things they implemented in character creation is nice, but they took one step forward and two steps back. That and the lack of third person V hurts it.

I can go on and on, but do you see what I mean? It is hard to like the game without disliking it at the same time. They need to focus on this reality that most players are dealing with.
For me the work they really need to do with this game is all in the AI. It needs to be cleaned up and refined. Halo 1 from 20 years ago had cleaner ai that moved and responded better in the game world.

Strip away the graphics and just look at the gameplay systems and this game could have come out in the 90's. System shock 2 had better mod system and hacking.
hey here there are still people who paid for that and would like to be able to play it on 3000$ computer !! wtf !
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Played 60+ hours and I'm pretty happy with what's there.
That said, I definitely think there's things that could be improved upon and could provide more flavour in terms of activities/interactions.

First thing would be more romance interactions after you finish your romantic interest's side-missions. It kind of bugged me that all you get after that final interaction are a few text exchanges. In my opinion they ought to add two or three post-romance missions that allow you to explore the relationship a little further.
These wouldn't have to be huge things, but something like being able to take your romantic interest out on a date or putting in extra dialogue so when you complete a particular hard-hitting side mission (The Peralez missions, Sinnerman, etc) you can talk to them about it, might help make it feel like these characters have more of an impact on V and are present throughout the story.

Second thing: More street races please! These are some of my favourite missions in the game and the fact that there's only four and they're all tied to Claire is a bit dissapointing. Would be great to have more in there and to be able to pick who my gunner is.

Third: Some sort of post-game content that only opens up after beating the main story. This one is sort of weird because of course we'll likely be getting DLC at some point but having maybe some exclusive gigs or side-missions that open up only after the main story might help to keep people invested in a playthrough even after they've finished the main storyline.
Might also help to be able to disable the Noctourne op55n1 mission so it doesn't keep popping up in your mission tracker whenever you finish a side-gig!
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