Why do cops attack me when i shoot bounties?

Hi everyone. I'm pretty early in the game, trying to get to grips with everything. Its a great game but i get confused a lot. I got a tutorial message saying I could use my scanner to see if npcs had bounties and the cops would pay me for neutralizing them. One, I don't seem to get paid, and two the cops attack me. What gives?

Also, gangers just attack me randomly if I get to close to them on the street (not from the gang I attacked). Is that a thing they do, or is it related to my street cred or relations with the particular gangs or something?

Thanks everyone.
When it comes to bounties; all enemies provide Street Cred, but only the higher ranked enemies will provide actual €$. You can always scan them and it will show.

As for cops; since 2.0 they received a massive overhaul which now allows them to patrol the streets and react to stuff. Unfortunately their aggro got tweaked as well so now they're for some reason overly reacting to V's own actions, to the point it often feels like they ONLY react to V's actions. Whether it's a bug, overtweak or intended is unknown, but plenty are reporting that cops are absolute maniacs this update as they used to be a friendly force to V, unless V outright provoked them.

As for thugs on the street; that's normal. If you get into their face they'll become annoyed. And if you enter their hostile areas they'll outright attack you if you don't leave.
Different gangs, In different areas seem to react a little differently as well. (I said different too much)

But there are places where you can walk right by them and they don't even notice you, and others if you get too close, they'll "Yellow" aggro and tell you to back off, and some areas where if you're too close it's an instant fight, then of course there are mission areas with different alert states.

As for the cops, I noticed they get aggroed if I miss a few too many shots in some situations, maybe clip/scare a civilian. The new system in 2,0 is supposed to have different response times/levels based on district. SO, think low response in Watson or Heywood and Fast heavy response in Corpo Plaza, But I haven't really noticed. What's interesting Is, I've got a 1 star level for fighting a gang, and it almost instantly faded away, not sure if that's intended or a bug, but not chase or hiding or anything was required, it was just like "OH they only killed some maelstroms forget about it."
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