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Lower Pro-Ladder Requirement?

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  • Lower Pro-Ladder Requirement?

    I wonder how many are actually in PL right now...It is so hard to climb normal rank without meta, and even with meta I guess it won't be easy.
    I'd like to propose let ppl with rank18 or above to enter the PL next season

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    It's meant to be the access to professional eSport ultimately. And there is enough cannon fodder to make the queue times pleasant at the moment.

    Originally posted by Vattier View Post
    There are over 15 000 players in the Pro Ladder.


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      On a side note, Lyserus, you seem to be having a bit of an obsession of getting into the pro-ladder based on this, this and this.


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        Originally posted by 4RM3D View Post
        On a side note, Lyserus, you seem to be having a bit of an obsession of getting into the pro-ladder based on this, this and this.
        you got me

        I just want to enter PL so I don't see the metas decks all the time in normal rank


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          Like... everybody says how much calmer, diverse and fun it is in the PL. And yet the requirement to get there is ridiculous - grind with the meta deck(s) to no avail and than fade in obscurity, cause you can't play nothing else if you want to progress.

          I think the RL needs more adjustment. I have no problems with not being in the PL, but game wise, both modes do look kinda ass backwards compared to one another.


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            I really mean no disrespect as I understand people have different goals. But it's hilarious how people complain how they can't get on a ladder designed for top players, only to play against players that are much better than the ones preventing them getting to the pro ladder in the first place. Is it an ego thing?

            And partci is on to something. Kind of looks like the more laid back Pro ladder system should be the normal one, while the cutthroat ranked system at high MMR we have on the normal ladder should be reserved for the Pro ladder.


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              I'm playing the Pro Ladder and I can say that the queue time is annoyingly long.


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                Since there are no direct rewards, I believe keeping the req high insures that you're only seeing the best players on the ladder.


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                  Originally posted by Theodrik View Post
                  I'm playing the Pro Ladder and I can say that the queue time is annoyingly long.
                  Maybe it's a timezone thing. There is hardly a case I wait longer than 15 seconds for a game. The matchmaking depends on fMMr as well I think.


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                    TV_JayArr I believe you're right. I tried playing again today and it's as you said, no longer then 15 seconds. So I'm invalidating my complaint here


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                      ! PRO Ladder Rank 21 Requirement Too High?

                      After playing Gwent for a while now, since the last 2-3 patches ago I really feel Rank 21 is a bit harsh, as the requirement is rather high just to get into PRO Ladder.

                      Though, I know there's a lot of players in PRO Ladder currently but does not disregard the fact that a couple more could potentially be welcomed in PRO Ladder by gaining Rank 20 or at least Rank 19.

                      Reason, because the ranking position of 19-20 have players who are quite experienced, gain a lot of knowledge within understanding the mechanics through the variety of several cards, so with these players, they are unable to gain access to PRO Ladder; for a more intimate card gaming experience against factions that is more diverse, rather both ranking positions 19 and 20 have to battle it out instead of PRO Ladder into Casual matches still, whereby facing newly or moderate players by at this point, players who are in the ranking position of 19 and 20 are just smashing their way through Casual matches for a laugh, fun and boredom (if taking a break from Ranked matches) against minor (minuscule) players.

                      However, if we take a look at Ranked matches in general then you would find nearly most of the games non-diverse, then over and over again, same archetype, same style, same strategy, and quite frankly is rather tedious.

                      2ndly, taking a look at Casual matches, this is a place where newly or moderate players would go to have fun, practice, and face against each other for a more casual experience to be ready for Ranked Ladder. Though, I'm ready to see what the new game mode in the upcoming patch will make of things that currently exists now with the way things are. To be honest, everything in Gwent seems rather odd and backwards, as in PRO Ladder, it is Casual, Ranked, it is PRO or what PRO suppose to be, which is to give players a tough challenge but that seems to be Ranked Ladder that is the most challenging than PRO Ladder, and frankly PRO Ladder is for babies who complain every time if something don't get their way, proof of this is in a few (streamers) who stream Gwent and when they lose blame not towards themselves but towards other players in which those players they face are only trying to win too, if mistaken, though I do not think so.

                      All in all, forgetting not only that Gwent is in Open (Public) beta still, is rather astonishing and a laugh at the potential that these streamers develop into. Better still, after this, come at me, I'll bully you with a laugh!

                      Overall, I would think PRO Ladder should lessen to about Rank 20 at the very least, minimum Rank 19 just to get and carry away every experienced player out of the normal two game modes, which are Casual and Ranked, while leaving Casual for newly or moderate players to battle it out against each other, and that leaves the ranking positions of 19-21 players who are fully experienced within the game to battle it out against each other for a full-on challenge, though, too, with experience comes knowledge of several potential available cards within the collection to out-strength (power, point) the other players.


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                        byExeplar Thread merged.
                        Can you see this? Yes?! But it was supposed to be invisible ink...
                        Oh well, since you're reading this now I might as well show you a
                        cool link.

                        I was formerly known as RidiculousName, in case you're wondering.


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                          There are two separate issues which you want to solve by lowering the pro-ladder requirements. You want to divert pro players from casual to pro-ladder and give those players a better experience because pro-ladder is more diverse. Lowering the pro-ladder requirements might solve this, but an underlying problem remains: netdecks. Normal ladder is a lost cause because players just want to climb as fast as possible, but there is hope for casual and pro-ladder. In order to accomplish this, CDPR should create a better incentive for players to switch decks, something like I have suggested a while back.

                          TL;DR: your suggestion might be a step in the right direction, but it still wouldn't be enough.


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                            The cap of 20 is fine, the system is backwards and you pointed it yourself - of all I gather, Regular Ladder (RL) is WAY more cut throat than Pro Ladder (PL) and this should be the other way around.

                            TBH, I think the whole Laddering System needs a rework, so it can be more rewarding for the new AND the seasoned players, like:

                            - make climbing (gaining MMR) from Rank 1 to Rank 8 slower - nowadays you can climb like, 5 Ranks a day there. Why make it "harder" (with lower MMR gain)? Cause this will be where your NEW players will start to develop their Collection, so that they can have cards for at least 2, why no 3 competitive decks for the next stage from Ranks 9 to 16. This will also organically separate the brand new from the seasoned players, who often start every season at Rank 8 or so anyway, but will give the newcomers some more breathing space to just collect more cards, speaking of which...

                            - the Common Cards... we need more of those. No, scratch that, the NEW players need more of those (maybe up to 2 per faction), as also the Starter Decks/Cards maybe need to be looked up again, which is kinda secondary to the need of adding more Commons;

                            - than Ranks 9 to 16, which could have the system that we have now in RL, when you play with the meta flavor of the day or maybe where it should be applied a rule, like, you can ban a Faction or a Leader per Faction that you just don't want to play against;

                            - Ranks 17 up: just apply the rules from the PL - this WILL make Climbing naturally harder and will bring absolute diversity in the matches for all players and mostly the casual players, which are your most important asset...

                            I know some "pros" now may jump on this, but dudes - when people in-the-know say straight in your faces that casuals have had dropped like flies the last couple of patches and the game is essentially running on its hardcores, you NEED to make changes so you can at least try to hold them casuals for a bit longer with stuff like more variety and (somewhat) easier gain of visual rewards (I think the daily rewards are generous enough and will work perfectly fine with the suggested system above).

                            Variety and fun will not come just with some new modes - we all want to have a new Avatar or Border and RL is the only thing (aside Season Events) that provides these rewards - keeping the Regular Ladder a harder Pro Ladder than the actual Pro Ladder apparently had already repulsed a lot of casual players from the game and this is the last thing that you and me want.

                            Just make the climbing more fun while playing and not the more and more frustrating.


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                              Its rank 21 now...