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Concerning bugs: GOTY edition or base game + expansions

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  • Concerning bugs: GOTY edition or base game + expansions


    I got an Xbox One X for Christmas and I think it's the good occasion to start a new playthrough with the expansions (I played the base game on pc).
    The problem is that I read online that the GOTY version and base game are not treated as the same game, and that some bugs are more likely to happen on a particular version: the achievement bug on the GOTY version and the chest bug on the base game + season pass.

    Is that true? If it is, what's the best version to get?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Thanks so much for asking first! Many people have gotten into a fix with this.

    In short, there is no reason to purchase anything but the "GOTY Edition" if you want the entire package. It's exactly the same content as the base game updated to the latest version + Season Pass (HoS and B&W) + individually downloaded Free DLC.

    On PC, there is no issue swapping saves between the two installations. On console, each of the products is considered a "different game" because of Sony / Microsoft marketplace requirements, so saved games may not be shared (except for sometimes...I'm not sure where that stands right now.) If you're starting a new game (Geralt Level 1), I recommend buying the single GOTY package. If beginning an NG+, then Season Pass and separate DLCs may be safer.
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