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Gwent Cards!

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  • Gwent Cards!

    First I want to say I love your work and you are by far the best developer out there. I cant what for your next project and what will happen next in the witcher.

    Gwent is a great game and I loved getting all the cards but i did miss a few that i am now unable to get. It would be awesome if in the next DLC you made it possible to get those cards again from other npc's. As much as I love the game throwing another 100+ hours into a new game plus is not something I can really do any more and Im sure there are a lot of players in the same situation.

    Thanks. And again amazing game please keep up the great work. Hopefully other developers will follow your lead.

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    I agree. I missed the Dandelion card as I just hadn't spent any time on gwent leading up to the A Matter of Life and Death quest. Him and the Bruxa card are the only cards I've missed. Access to this tournament of sorts, outside of that quest, would really make my day. This game was truly impressive so please keep up the good work.


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      I totally agree! Also a place to find Zoltan and Dandelion after completing the story. As I forgot to complete the "Cabaret" quest in my second play through they disappeared and I no longer have the ability to get the "Gwent: Old Friends" quest. And, seeing as how I didn't get into gwent until after my second playthrough, a different place to get some of the exclusive cards would be great, as I'd rather not play through it a whole third time just to round out my gwent deck...

      P.S. I'd really like to be able to do "Cabaret" after completing the story... Kind of sucks that I forgot.


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        I totally agree! I missed that Passiflora gwent tournament and cannot obtain now all cards. Do i really need to play whole game all over again just because of a few cards??? We really need possibility to have all cards after game is finished!


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          oh please, any news on this?


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            PLEASE let us obtain the Cards Dandelion and Milva after completing the Game. Maybe in the PS4Pro Patch? pleaaaase
            Last edited by knupfi; 13-09-17, 12:11.