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Error when i want to save the game!

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  • Error when i want to save the game!

    When i try to save the game, it crashed! Please help me, i tried to run the game as an administrator, but this don't work...

  • #2
    Could this be of any help? http://steamcommunity.com/app/20900/...8291509607113/


    • #3
      I tried, but i can't find my the witcher folder in my document. I find only the witcher 2 folder... i tried to apply this in the steamapp, common, The Witcher Enhanced Edition folder, but don't work. I can't find the saves folder everywhere!


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        Can you use Windows search function to locate that file? I'm totally lousy with computers and specially gaming with those, so this is all just guessing.

        Edit: Does it make any difference if you search THE Witcher or just Witcher?


        • #5
          Try looking in steam>userdata>your steam ID>20900 . There is a possibility there is 1 folder named remote and another labeled remote cache . If you have a remote folder the saves should be in there .