1.6/1.61 - Ongoing Bugs List

This thread is huge so forgive me if this issue has already been reported.
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Issue: Vehicle current speed display (1st person vehicle camera) freezes after entering the map.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Get in any vehicle in the 1sr person camera
2. Start riding
3. Enter the map by pressing "M"
4. Close the map
5. See that the current speed isn't updating and it's at a fixed value.

So if you entered the map when you were going 35 mph, then after closing the map, the current speed will stay at 35 mph no matter what. Exiting the vehicle and re-entering it doesn't fix the issue.

Workaround: Get rid of your current vehicle and enter a new one, or call a new one using the "Call a vehicle functionality". Or I guess just get out of the car and then access the map, or just ride in 3rd person as the issue isn't present there.

If you can't reproduce it, I can record a video of it and link it as proof.
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Militech no longer respawns at Sunset Hotel (and burning Militech car never respawns either/stays burning.)

Same goes for the van by Dynalar HQ. I blew it up during the nighttime battle between them and Militech, and it’s still there.. Burning weeks later.
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