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Arnjolf is too Strong

Thank you developers for solving problem with Gernichora. Now is turn for solving Arnjolf too. He is even more overpowered than Gernichora was in its old version. Arnjolf not only allows instant Bloodthirst abilities, which is throwing off balance of bloodthirst cards, but there is even worse factor.

First, bloodthirst cards were not meant to be played with their stronger effects "just like that". It was meant to "pay some price" for stronger effect. Arnjolf just takes away "price paying" and makes stronger effects available right away. That already is enough for disbalancing game mechanics.

However that even worse factor is direct setup for Regis ability, which makes opponent helpess to defend against. I would like to remind, that one of reasons for Eithne "overkill fix" was her effectivity to setup battlefield for strong effects like that. Now there is Arnjolf, who makes same thing and if player would want to defend, he would need to take care of 3 wounded 1-power units appearing on his side, which is unreasonable to expect from normal deck. Thus Arnjolf directly, without any further preparation allows at least 2 cycles of Regis ability and if opponent builds deck around it, that could be even worsened through use of ships dealing damage or spears.

I beg you, to fix overpowered Arnjolf too. If you do not see reason why Arnjolf needs to be fixed, then please restore Eithne to her original version as she should not pose any threat by same logic.

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Just because whatever you play constantly loses to Arnjolf doesn't mean that he's too strong.

You're either:

A) Not approaching the match up correctly given what you're playing

B) Using deck(s) that are hard countered by Arnjolf

Some of you need to stop shouting "OP" when things don't go your way. No one will take you seriously anymore.
Hmm i hadnt thought or seen that Arnjolf combo, with Regis, but it goes to prove what i said about Arnjolf being super versatile and works with so many damaging strategies.

So far i use tremors, to get rid of the 1pt units i added, plus damage all other enemies, only after im done with bloodthirst effects ofc, but there are so many other ways to do massive damage with him.
Just because whatever you play constantly loses to Arnjolf doesn't mean that he's too strong.
Sorry, how did you come to conclusion that I am losing to Arnjolf? Neither of your A/B options is true, however it does not mean that even if I can win against Arnjolf, he is not overpowered. At example Eithne before she was fixed was considered by many to be overpowered too and yet there were players, who were able to win against her and they did not qualify for either of your A/B options. That still does not mean, they can not mention, that Eithne was in their opinion overpowered.

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It is more likely that someone will complain about a leader if they're losing to them.

If you're not, then how does it stand that Arnjolf is overpowered? He can only be overpowered if you're losing to him more often than not with different decks and that your strategy has little to no bearing on the outcome.

The only deduction I can come up with is that you simply don't like his ability. As it turns out, some of us do. So until you and everybody else are losing against Arnjolf a large % of the time don't let your bias of how the game should work be synonymous with a leader being overpowered.
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I find his ability strange and "too easy". Let's spawn three damaged sirens on the enemy side, automatically enabling blood lust for Skellige units. What are those sirens doing there and why do they fight for the enemy? It would be more interesting and "understandable" if a 6-7 strength Arnjolf does 1 damage to three enemy units, or 3-4 strength Arnjolf doing 2 damage to three enemy units. That would help blood lust, but makes it a bit more challenging.