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Assimilate suggestion

I think assimilate should be changed to something like "Boost self by 1 whenever a card that didn't start in your deck joins your side of the battlefield". Basically this means cards seized by Sweers, Vattier, Slave Hunter, Ardal, etc would also trigger assimilate. Seizing units seems to be a big part of Nilfgaard theme and i see no reason why two mechanics with similar flavor can't synergize with eachother.

Now for the technical part i realize this might pose some challenges.
Firstly with units that spawn other units, obviously tokens should be excluded, else Germain would trigger assimilate 4 times. Other units that might need exceptions would be things like Slave Infantry or Daerlan.
Personally i don't like how the current assimilate works atm , i think it's based on the card ID or something, which allows Artorius Vigo to create a card FROM YOUR OWN DECK and then trigger assimilate on himself.

The second thing has to do with spies and this could be solved by allowing assimilate to trigger only on the controlling player's turn but i really like the idea of having spies be assimilated aswell, i think it would be a neat thing that shouldn't cause major balance issues.
I like the assimilate as it is. Counting the seized units would make this archetype too op. Tokens on the other hand could be counted, I think.