Bug with Skellige Gwent Deck

Hi everyone, looking for some help. Recently I started the Gwent Tournament quest in Touissant to get the Skellige deck, got the "Basic Deck Item" but the deck didn't appear in mi gwent UI nor can I play with it. I thought maybe the bug was going to resolve itself with some time, but now I'm in the tournament and the bug continues (Because you have to play with Skellige Deck) and when the deck picker screen appears it is just an empty, black screen with no cards. Thing is, it seems it never unlocked and now I do not have any near save file to restore to a previous step. Currently using Gwent Redux mod and I'm on my 4th playtrough and this've never happened before. Checked some old saves in other playthroughs and everything was fine, it just seems the deck is not available in the gwent UI for me. Any clues or guesses on what I can do?
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