BUG-Can we please see an Update 4.06 for Xbox that finally addresses all the issues I have described in a previous post ?- XBOX INSIDERS XBOX SERIES X

Well for one thing, a permanent fix to the in-game Witcher 3 Gwent mini-game that was made worse and exacerbated by the standalone and failed Gwent Game that properly integrates the Skelige deck into the game and NG+ Modes and also fixes the AI cheating and the Gwent matches are so rigged to begin with. And the original Maugrim Aerondight Sword that you see on the opening WB screen. This was the original silver sword to begin with. Also, a boost to how much coin(s) Geralt can find as loot and on bodies along with more cut content and a possible Iorvith appearance in Toussaint along with the addition of the inacessible Nilfgarrd region and the Alba River and the City Of Nilfgaard. If you actually have Nilfgaard and officially side with Nilfgaard , there is a suprise scene and inventory check on all the coin Geralt gets throughout the game in Toussaint and Nilfgaard officially rules Toussaint too. Plus the fix of Corrupted assets and filed as there are both Purple and Blue shaded objects and textures and even shadows.

As you can see with the photo of the trees, they are purple!

Plus numerous Legacy Bugs too including where you cannot loot the bodies!
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