Constant Stuttering - Gpu usage drops to 0%

I am experiencing some annoying stuttering in the Witcher 3, I have tried absolutely everything, reinstalling drivers, reinstalling the game etc. It looks like the Gpu usage drops to 0% and then the game freezes for 1-3 seconds. This also happens in cutscenes. Everything like temperature, vram usage, ram usage, and CPU usage, memory
clock and core clock are all normal apart from the GPU usage of cource. Here is a video of my issue

please help I'm at my wits end.
That looks to me very much like something taking focus away from the game. The performance seems fine until it begins to hitch, and it did it the same way both times: two consecutive hitches, each around 6 seconds exactly. That smells like a background function.

Are you running any sort of aggressive anti-virus program (McAffee, Norton, Comodo, etc.)?

Other ideas:

When's the last time you reinstalled your OS?

Do you use any streaming / game capture software?

Is the PC scheduled for any auto-maintenance (defrag, disk cleanup, system scans, etc.)?
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