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Cyberpunk 2077: Aesthetic Changes

that is generic crap cyberpunk. we dont want that. looks awful. its basically mass effect. stop it.
Speak for yourself. I think it looks great, like an older corporate area.

Come on, animal, you've been here as long as (and a bit longer) than plenty of us, you know well that 2077 is going to have a wide range of themes and city environments. That's probably a rich-er district with blade-runner-y vibes, there will also be plenty of what we saw in the trailer and demo.
As most of you old-timers know I've been very critical of the art direction for this game ever since we saw that first teaser trailer with the janitor cop. I said that it looked bland, generic and coined the phrase "too clean, too mass effect" to describe the aesthetics. It wasn't the cyberpunk I knew and wanted. It wasn't that retrofuturistic feel of punks looking like Billy Idol wearing tech with parts ducktaped together, it didn't have that dirty look, and it wasn't 80s retrofuturistic which is what cyberpunk really is.
I was grumpy and i often criticized the art style, people here said I was trolling, but I wasn't i actually meant every single word, I was not happy. CDPR would occasionally leave me clues that everything was OK and that "filth" was confirmed and that they were combining 80s retrofuturism with modern cyberpunk. I was sceptical but I

Fast forward to E3 2018 and my jaw hits the floor. I was blown away. Its everything i ever wanted and then some. They kept the dirty 80s cyberpunk look but updated it to modern time. It looked amazing. And going daytime was just genius and ballsy but it just worked. Rarely does a game supersede my expectations but they did it.
The 48min gameplay trailer just further blew me away, this world was not only gorgeous but also interesting. Saving that woman and the trauma team picking her up. Taking out a gang and then meeting a mob boss at a night club afterwards. its just sterling throughout.

And now the sad part. I'm hearing that CDPR is changing the art direction once again! "there could be some graphical or visual differences"....WHY CDPR!?
Why fuck with something that is already perfect?? This just saddens me. And I believe its the hardware limitations of current gen systems behind this move. The demo was running on a gtx 1080 ti super computer and was only doing 1080p @ 30fps. Please CDPR keep the artstyle, look and feel of the game, don't change a thing it looked perfect. Why show us heaven only to rip it off our hands?

Just had to get this off my chest.

worried that they will change the artstyle again.
I'm on the same page, but I have been more and more impressed by everything that has come out. Filth in the street was something I was concerned about as well, but I hope it is polished out by release. I would love to see that hardcore juxtaposition between clean(ish) places in the city and the really bad spots(combat zone)? [PS:Hoping there is a shot of the combat zone and it's insanity at E319.]
I am really big into cyberpunk films and would scour places looking for them before a list could be found on the net. Those loooow budget 90's movies are my favorite because of the art style. Like the writting was cheesy 90's af, but they did a lot with a little. One is called "Nirvana", seen it? There's a part where the characters are descending down into a lower part of the city, but it is like a headtrip for the viewer. Puts you in a completely different mindset and it's like a free for all where all the cultures meld. I hoping that 2077 can deliver some of those "otherworldly" feels when going some places in the city. Check the hour mark in the link, watch it all if you haven't already.
demo was 4K and not 1080p, it was an in-development build and not the final and optimized one, it had a lot of placeholder textures (the cyberpunk logo for example could be found in several places), shadows were quite low quality for an high-end PC, HUD could change, same for menu and stuff like that (netrunning confirmed in the demo itself to be different). Thank god graphical and visual changes will occur. AND, they've been working on consoles' dev kits for at least 7 years now, they know what consoles can or can't manage (RDR2 is the most graphically impressive game on market and is not even on PC, yet), it depends on devs and how good they are and how they want to allocate hardware resources.

Art is not graphics or visuals, they're not redoing all the art direction with the game coming in a year or so. """Worst""" that can happen is something like TW3 with colours becoming generally lighter.
We’ll have to wait and see but I don’t think they’re going to redo the art direction at all. Graphics-wise sure, the 2018 demo needed some improvement in that regard (textures, shadows, color richness,...), but aesthetics-wise (clothing, cyberware, architecture, vehicles, ads,...) I highly doubt it. Besides, doing that would take a lot of money and time for something that's pretty well made as it is.

Here's the thing, though: I believe that, next time we see more of the city, we won't only see more of the 2018 art style but also we might see a bit of the 2013 art style in some places as well. They still haven't showed us many of Night City's corners and alleys, and hopefully not every district will look the same. I mean, sure, it's mostly an urban landscape, but every district might have its own "flavor".

What do I mean? Well, I think that, for instance, the streets of City Center might look cleaner, shinier and more high-tech than the slums of Watson or the ruins of Pacifica.

I'm looking forward to see how different the districts might look and feel from each other and how colorful and eclectic the ads might be.
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Judging by CDPR's already WELL ACCEPTED, and PROVEN track record to date, I'm way more optimistic than any kind of pessimistic.

If this was some other developer, considering the plague of anti-consumer decisions made by other developers in the last few years, like Bethesda marketing a certain game with "online elements", for it to actually be an online ONLY dumpster fire of some of the worst decisions that've ever been made, I'd have reservations.

CDPR, however, isn't any of THOSE developers.
About the only "big" problem I had with The Witcher 3 was the annoyance of items having level requirements to even use, but, even there, a simple mod fixed that ... and, were I a picky sort that wanted to change the look of the game, there's plenty of mods available that do that too. I expect we'll likely have similar, at least on the level of The Witcher 3, if not better modding support ... eventually. It'd be a little silly not to these days.

Aside from that, I don't see CDPR doing anything foolish. Day after day we've plenty example of developers in the news trying to sell polished turds, getting huge backlash from the community, coming out with statements about how they're going to "fix it", and then, only digging themselves even deeper into the sewer by making things even worse.
Those examples set a loud and clear precedent of lessons to be learned by watching others learn those lessons the hard way, and so far, press coming out of CDPR has yet to disappoint, or trigger any red flags.

I'm not going to get my panties in a twist over something I haven't seen yet.
Sure, we all have certain concerns, but, E3 2019 is only like, what, how many days away?
I'm not going to get all Princess and the Pea over minor details either, and especially details and things that can likely get got customized with mods, but, even without mods, there's very little concern around this campfire.

@animalfather During game development process, changes to pretty much every single aspect are super common. That includes some art/graphic designs. Artists constantly improve their work, so we can tell you story exactly the way it was meant to be told.
From my perspective there is nothing to worry about and I'm pretty sure you will like what you will see.
Thank you @Lilayah I just hope the changes are minor.

So can somebody give me examples of what could change?

what changes could occur here?


is the floor low texture or something?

example this gif

I just don't want the look and feel of the game to change.
I'm not sure if people these days understand the meaning of WORK IN PROGRESS. In trailer and gameplay we see a tiny bit of the whole thing. The fact one mission takes place in bright daylight doesn't mean that there won't be a rainy night. Really.
Also, 99% youtube videos that make people built their opinion on what happens to CP77 is clickbait bullshit.
The devs say "improved" video says "EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED NEW GAME MUST SEE!" and people freak out. Especially where two of those youtubers who happen to be quite informative are wageing a youtube war :) Totally not referring to anyone(two) specific. Really. :)
Also, as for the aesthetics. The Blade Runner is not the only cyberpunk style. It's the old one and it's not even the cyberpunk :) Yes, I'm aware that cyberpunk is inspired by Blade Runner, but that does not mean it has to be BR. GitS does a good job being a cyberpunk without even using anything close to BR aesthetis. But I may be a bit bias, as I don't like Blade Runner... WHAT????? OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!! :)
I know.

I think that there's to much secrecy on the part of the dev team. They communicate not with the community but with clickbaity madia that can't tell cyberpunk from star wars, and that creates fears and concerns. This forum could use more frequent updates on the game state from the team.
But I may be a bit bias, as I don't like Blade Runner... WHAT????? OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!! :)
I know.

I think that there's to much secrecy on the part of the dev team. They communicate not with the community but with clickbaity madia that can't tell cyberpunk from star wars, and that creates fears and concerns. This forum could use more frequent updates on the game state from the team.
I am going to pretend you didn`t say that :p
I really like the pics you posted earlier . The second two are perfect and the first is only held back by look a like NPCs and we know they will fix that up before release. I do love the garbage on the ground , i don`t think there would be garbage service in Watson.
Cyberpunk 2077 needs to be more cyber and less punk. This game needs a more cybernetic theme and less pink mohawks, needs a noir theme and don't look like a cyberGTA.
Some aesthetic changes this game needs are a noir theme, a darker and colder lighting, less warm, Night City was supposed to be covered by a dense smog with acid rain; no palms and other plants on the streets, cyberpunk means a world with a low standard of living but with an advanced technology, the streets need to look unhealthy without urban furniture and public services, only the rich district should have decorative plants; a more cybernetic theme and less punk theme, more robots, more androids, more cyborgs, more electronic devices in the environment, more holograms, screens and electrical wires on the facade of the buildings; people wear transparent plastic clothes, clothes with lights, clothes with electrical devices.