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Hi, I don't know if it happens with 1.5, but with version 1.52 many mistakes have been made with attributes and abilities.

-Many clothing items with legendary quality become epic after installing the update. What a grace after being hours and hours, to get the best statistics).
-The creation specifications that you receive when obtaining level 7 and 12 of the creation, epic and legendary skills, if your party had already obtained those levels, you will never receive those specifications, having relocated them with the update. The only way is to load a game prior to the level at level seven of creation, to receive them from there, or load a game with level 18 of creation and having obtained the specifications that before the update were obtained at that level and having them Yeah, the game keeps them for you.
-All free DLC content if you have a game of a character of level 40 or higher, 50 in my case, it is impossible to improve these items to make it legendary quality. -After completing the mission "In love with youth fashion", the fragmentation grenades are blocked, which makes it impossible to remove the excess of them, having only the option to sell it for a measly eurodollar per unit, if I give them away I get more benefit.
I play cyberpunk 2077 and so far it's my favorite game. There is only one issues and I can't contact CD projects beacuse as it seems they don't care.It would be a wise idea to put more quest and mission to make the game endless and enjoyable to play .This way we would also be able to explore the game and have more fun than just roaming around,like adding an unlimited fixer with unlimited gigs.Please take my idea into account cause it may push the game to the next level of it's tier.
The game has made big improvements! For older system users, I recommend playing now! Since a new update just came out the game is running way more smooth. Only issue is that the game still needs a bit of fixing up when building's loading in, people, and the roads. Overall I give the game a 10! Something that I would suggest and want really bad is to have an option in settings where you can turn on or turn off the rolled up sleeves as it kills off the actual outfit look. Besides that, thank you for the big improvements so far! Cannot wait for new side missions, gigs, and the new expansion.
One thing that would be great but I don't see it happening, a DLC or mod which gave us a happy ending where V finds a cure, becomes healthy to live and go on exploring NC, while Johnny also is saved either by transferring his engram to a new body, or by letting him go on living in V's mind but in a way that will no longer kill them. But I think if this option existed almost everyone would take it and forget the sad endings :)
I would honestly just work on the bugs and that's it. The amount of times my immersion is broken is insane. I've also had 4 missions during my playthrough that wouldnt start or broke halfway through, forcing me to reload the game or skip them entirely. Please just put all your recourses into fixnig the game before adding stuff. Sound is still broken, I've never even heard some of the things I see on other people playthroughs. Even the radio is broken for me.
Have you even updated your game bro? I barely see any bugs these days, the game is totally fine. Although, the low fps bug after closing the inventory/map STILL HAPPENS EVEN THOUGH THEY SAID THEY FIXED IT
Iám still disappointed because they don´t update to FSR 2.0 or 2.1! Unbelievable!
That is for me the reason why i can´t play it at the moment! :D
Iám still disappointed because they don´t update to FSR 2.0 or 2.1! Unbelievable!
That is for me the reason why i can´t play it at the moment! :D
A little bit of patience :)
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