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Like every big game, Cyberpunk 2077 needs a wiki. Especially that its setting is already reach :)

Team of created wiki at [ ] I done basic structure and stubs for important topic. But this only my personal initiative (I'm kind of wiki freak) and have no time to write articles.

It would be awesome, if you were contributing to this wiki :)
I can help with keeping structure in right order - as admin ;]
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Unfortunately is loosing its spirit. Now they care mostly about casual wikis like Burger Wikia or Tequilla Wikia. When I founded Cyberpunk wiki on Wikia, I had to convince them that writing articles about modding is right thing on gaming wiki... They was trying to forbid this.
Creating your own style is very limited - you're allowed only to change colors. Forget about moving menu 10 pixels up.
And their ads wastes too much of precious space.

That's why I moved to Curse which tries to be like Wikia few years ago - awesome place for your very own wiki :)

Any chance to one "official wiki"?
What for? Fan-made wiki with few thousands articles is everything what people need :)
Thanks for creating the wiki, Bonsai. I'm making this thread a sticky so more people see it & contribute.
Very good. I need to register - or find my old Curse login from WoW days - and start adding in.Pester Wisdom, Redge, Amthor, Edger and some of the other long-timers to dump in, too.
Will take some time before we have some good stuff to put it inside the wiki
I mean "good material"
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