Day 1 Builds

I like this thread! I considered making one myself at some point, but you got there first.

I have decided upon my goal long ago:

female street kid - full combat solo. All the cyber I can find. Forget netrunning.

I cannot be totally sure how to divide the stats without seeing the perk tree, but I will likely have body as my highest stat, as I'm eyeing the gorilla arms and those afaik had a body stat requirement before they could be equipped. Mantis blades are also an option but I'm a bit turned off by the over-exposure... They were after all the first ever thing we knew about CP2077, back in the 2013 teaser trailer.

With high body stat comes lowered recoil on guns, so I will likely wield some high rate of fire SMG/LMG as my firearm. I like good looking pistols and sniper rifles as well.

My second highest stat is likely reflex. With it comes the ability to have higher attack speed, in addition to working well with blades and guns.

The thing that bugs me most, is that I don't know how important stat tech is going to be? Its passive effect is apparently increasing armor, which miiiiiight be important? I dont know? Im not sure. Repairing and crafting stuff, well I don't really value it much, but if its going to be important money gain method, then maybe.. Im mostly worrying about armor.

Another stat I'm not sure about is cool. I wonder how much it will affect dialog options and in what way? I'd imagine it would offer some - cool - moments (sorry). It also increases crit damage and stealth. I don't worry too much about stealth, but that depends on how difficult combat will be. Stealth has a tendency to make things considerably easier in SP RPGs.

Intelligence governs almost entirely netrunning, so its an easy dump stat for me. At least for the first playthru. I'm thinking Im going to make some kind of Mission Vao-style streetwise netrunner in some other playthrough..

Possible starting stats
Body 6
Reflex 5
Intelligence 3
Tech 4
Cool 4
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RTX 3080, 2x Xeon E5-2667v2, 64gigs of DDR3 ECC RAM....

Ooooh, that kind of build :D

I'll go for a "Nomad engineer" kinda guy / playtrough.

Body 4
Tech 6
Cool 3

Now the reason for this stat distribution. My V will be a tech, an engineer who's been fixing stuff since he was able to walk and read (Nomads tend to have great education). My V Can deal with both software, hardware and heavy lifting when needed in order to fix something. However when coming to Night City, Being a good tech won't be enough, I will need to learn to keep my cool in order to avoid getting myself into trouble. End game goal, relatively balanced, focused on tech / hacking and stealth. The rest I'll decide on the move.... damn, 30 days left.
Hop on the hype train choombas! CHOO CHOO!! :D
Techno viking build :

Body 1
Reflex 1
Int 1
Tech 1
Cool 18


(jk I know this isn't how COOL works) :ROFLMAO:
I just haven't decided my build yet, so far I'd go with a Nomad with unarmed combat skills, but I'll have plenty of time to choose my build since I need to get the PC that will run this game in decent conditions, lol.
Most likely going Nomad with

Body: 4
Reflex: 4
Int: 4
Tech: 5
Cool: 5

Want a Nomad whos good under pressure.
Been Engineering since he was a kid.
Goes to night city and falls in love with the katana.
Cowboy Samurai :cool:
Provided it's 22 and it won't change at launch, and based on these descriptions...
  • Body: 3
  • Cool: 4
  • Intelligence: 6
  • Reflexes: 5
  • Technical: 4
As much as the fast solo build appeals to me, being able to snipe and generally use rifles decently sounds good. But gotta try the hacking (controlling other entities) and crafting too.

As for type... maybe Nomad. Street is too GTA and Corpo sounds way too much like playing dirty politics.
I'm Personally stuck between Nomad or Corporate

because it be nice to have experience in hacking already and already having the advantage, and also the storyline (SPOILERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR) (SPOILERERRRRRRRRRRRR)(SPOILERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)
-After getting fucked over in the Prologue quest and having to restart from round 1 I'm not sure how it goes, I feel like it be dope to having my own come up and it reminds me of "Code Geasss" What ya'll don't know about that though. I feel like having to bounce back and take my revenge or my enemies will be veryyy funnn Indeed.

It just would seem interesting to come from absolute dog shit and come to a city and fuck that bitch up it seems lit asf Menace of Society type shit Mannnnnnn I don't know I'll let yall decide for me though it's up to ya'' Nomad or Corporate you setting my life path for me V's life is in your hands.

I don't want to hear shit bout Street kid.:cool:
Man i really regret playing Deus ex MD it got me hyped for net runner the hacking was just so much fun in that game ,usually in RPGs in my first playthrough i go for a generic warrior/soldier type so im still planning to go for a Soldier build with focus on Reflex>Strength>Cool
Male nomad with sky high body and tech (starting with both as high as possible), a moderate amount of reflexes and cool and minimal intelligence.

He'll focus on being a tough solo tank with big guns and a heavy duty truck to match.
Street Kid Netrunner
Body 4
Tech 4
Cool 5

Yeah some folks might say the 4's are a waste but I don't want to run into skill level caps to soon. The first attribute point I get will go into INT, second probably Tech, after that we'll see. Chances are Body will never get higher then 4. Stealth and dirty hacking tricks FTW!

Assuming it's viable I'll stick to a handgun Smartweapon.
But I'm seriously concerned that Smartweapons being "guaranteed" to hit will be the weakest weapons in the game damage wise and may divide their damage between every opponent in the giant targeting reticle thus meaning they survive longer thus meaning they shoot back longer thus meaning if you don't have high Body and/or armor Smartguns won't be viable.
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