Day 1 Builds

My day 1 build will be a ruthless corpo. He will mostly use a pistol and proficient in hacking and above average intelligence. He will easily choose to intimidate like a proper corpo to get what he wants.
I plan on eventually playing all Lifepaths & Classes eventually.

Corpo Solo: Sword Wheeled-ing Samuri with some gun toting tendances.
Nomad Techie: Crafter that has no problem throwing down with anyone.

But for my 1st play through:
Street Kid Netrunner: Stealthy Hacking Sniper.

Body 3
Tech 4
Cool 5

** That said I know we just found out from Lukasz Babiel on Twitter That Every save game is marked with the life path, so you can distinguish them. Which is Awesome!!!

** Has anyone seen any type confirmation that we can re-spec our character in game in case we want to make changes to any early mistake we might feel we made with our character earlier on?
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** Has anyone seen any type confirmation that we can re-spec our character in game in case we want to make changes to any early mistake we might feel we made with our character earlier on?

Yes. Although it is likely cost a lot, so you can't do it too freely. I imagine it is a service that you buy off ripperdocs or something.

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Inspired by the Mark Of the Ninja remaster, I challenge you to make the ultimate ninja starter build. Here's mine:
  • Body 3 (don't need body, since I won't be seen)
  • Reflexes 5 (for the blades, mostly)
  • Int 5 (gonna have to hack passages etc.)
  • Tech 3 (this is very explodey, not needed for a ninja)
  • Cool 6 (pure ninja material, throwing knives etc.)
Oh ho this is gonna be awesome
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Noticed that nobody has taken a stat below 3.. Is it not possible to dump a stat lower than 3 in the game? What are the lowest / highest stats you can have?
Noticed that nobody has taken a stat below 3.. Is it not possible to dump a stat lower than 3 in the game? What are the lowest / highest stats you can have?

It is known at this point that every stat starts at 3, and you have 7 points to distribute to stats at the beginning of the game.
I've been torn on my choice, but I think I'll be doing corpo, being somewhat evil and going for an agile melee assassin-like build.
Male body
Female voice

Body 6
Reflex 7
Int 2
Tech 2
Cool 5

Melee run, only because it's too stupid to use a gun (reason why Arasaka fired him)
Remove points and put them elsewhere, like most RPG everywhere.

If it works as the original rules, you can't go lower than 2.
I'm not 100% sure but I think 3 is going to be the minimum stat for CP2077, and the max is 20 unlike CP2020 where it's 10.
Male, corpo. I wanna play as a pure mercenary, so my V will be money oriented. The higher bidder will have his gun. So most likely I will be betraying a lot of people. My play style will be stealth oriented. Main weapon will be a pistol, secondary will be a combat knife.

Body: 3
Reflex: 5
Int: 6
Tech: 3
Cool: 5
1st.- Male Corpo. Had a change of heart and now will be fighting the system. Focus on handguns and netrunning full stealth.
Body: 3
Reflex: 4
Int: 6
Tech: 3
Cool: 6

2nd.- Male Nomad. Strongly influenced by Mando. Mercenary with a code and honor. Focus on Sniper Rifles, handguns and blades.
Body: 4
Reflex: 6
Int: 3
Tech: 5
Cool: 4
Male corpo-rat edgelord douchebag V
Body 5
Ref 5
Int 4
Tech 3
Cool 5
Hybrid meele/netrunner build.Gonna focus on ref and cool for max crit value, int for some cheap quickhaks as a gap closer. Mantis blades as a main weapon and a shotgun as a backup weapon. Those of you sitting in the first few rows...will get wet.
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The first paragraph of a build will talk about allocation of attribute points at the beginning of the game, of which there are 7 to spend. The second will talk about the accepted loadout for each build. The third will talk about the kind of character that you should embody during dialogue and while making choices. Each of the paragraphs include a parenthetical explaining the reasoning behind how that respective part of the build had been set up

Maelstrom: +3 Reflexes; +4 Technical (Most faction members that follow the typical “gangster” stereotype will have some reflexes points to allow for the most robust weapon options, but as people looking to escape their humanity through technology, Maelstrom members will have high technical skill too)

Megacorporation Weapons Only (As shown in the 2018 video, Maelstrom wants their hands on the most advanced corpo weaponry, so only the two biggest midtier manufacturers, which are Militech and Tekhtronika, as well as each of the three top tier manufacturers, which are Arasaka, Kang-Tao, and Tsunami, are options)

Act without morality; have distaste for corpos (The cyberpsychosis that most Maelstrom members suffer from causes them to disassociate from humanity, eventually evolving into contempt, and then hatred, so forget about stupid burdens like “morals” weighing on your decision-making. Also, corpos have this really annoying tendency to shoot at Maelstrom members when they try to steal the corp's guns, which makes Marlstrom upset)

Tyger Claws: +3 Body; +4 Reflexes (While still following the gangster stereotype with Reflexes, this build allows for katana use via the Blades pathway, with a Body boost further increasing the viability of such a katana-based playstyle via the Melee pathway)

Asian Weapons Only (Though being secretly funded by Arasaka, the Tyger Claws don’t just get to suckle off of Daddy Saburo’s nipples all the time. Their largely Asian membership increases their affinity for Asian weapon manufacturers. This includes Darra, Arasaka, obviously, Kang-Tao, and Tsunami)

Act like a stereotypical gangster; have affinity for Arasaka; distaste for the Moxes (The Tyger Claws don’t have a special ideology besides “crime”, but they play nice with Arasaka whenever possible, and don’t exactly like the Moxes after their conflicts in 2076)

Valentinos: +7 Reflexes (The Valentinos are the most “gang-ey” of the gangs, so they don’t have anything really special about them that would create a need for another attribute)

Bottom Tier Weapons Only (Simply put, being made up of average street thugs, most of the Valentinos wouldn’t logically be tricked out in corpo gear, so it’s just Budget Arms, Darra, Rostovic, and Nokota for them)

Prioritize family/friends as well as community; have distaste for 6th Street (The Valentinos are a very close organization with extreme loyalty to one another, so act similarly around people who are close to you. Also, the Valentinos are in conflict with 6th Street currently, so don’t invite them to your birthday party)

6th Street: +2 Body; +3 Reflexes; +2 Cool (As characterized by the phrase of one member, who said “ANY 2ND AMENDMENT FANS IN THE HOUSE?!”, 6th Street really likes weapons, so this build includes all weapon attributes, with an extra boost to Reflexes, as it includes the most weapon pathways)

American Manufacturers Only (Being patriots, 6th Street members would logically only buy American weapons, so that limits loadouts to those from Budget Arms, Malorian, Midnight, Militech, Constitutional Arms, and Nokota)

Act brash; have distaste for Valentinos (To be more specific, act like the worst stereotypes that foreigners have of Americans, because that’s pretty much 6th Street, and obviously, Valentinos are a no-no for this playstyle)

Voodoo Boys: +4 Intelligence; +3 Technical (Since they’re netrunners, the Voodoo Boys have to be very big-brain, and because they make their own netrunning setups, so they gotta also have technical knowledge)

No weapon requirements (The Voodoo Boys aren’t really defined by any types of weapons, so there aren’t any limits here)

Act mysterious; have distaste for Animals; distaste for Netwatch (The Voodoo Boys are a highly secretive organization, and are at war with both the Animals gang and the Netwatch agency)

Animals: +7 Body (If you ever looked at an Animals gang member, you would understand why all 7 points are going into Body) High

Damage Weapons Only (As a gang based on an ideology of strength above all, the Animals would also arm themselves with weapons providing the greatest possible damage potential)

Act tough; have affinity for Netwatch; distaste for Voodoo Boys (The Animals want to become the ultimate alpha males/females, so shrimpy little V is gonna have to fake it till they make it. Netwatch is paying the Animals and the Animals are engaged in a turf war with the Voodoo Boys, so treat them accordingly

Moxes: +4 Body; +3 Cool (All photos and videos containing Mox members have them wielding melee weapons, which is why Body is necessary, but they usually don’t use violence to accomplish their goals when discrete action or deception will work equally well, such as Evelyn Parker’s honeypotting of Yorinobu Arasaka to acquire the Platinum Chip… wait, wrong game. For this reason, a hearty sprinkling of Cool is needed for this build)

Melee Weapons Only (As stated before, the Moxes aren’t known to use anything else)

Act playful and unserious; have distaste for Tyger Claws (The Moxes are probably the most goofy faction in the game, so your dialogue choices should reflect that, and as we all know, Moxes and Tyger Claws aren’t friends)

Militech/Arasaka: +3 Intelligence; +4 Cool (You can’t be an idiot to survive in the corporate world, which is why Intelligence is added here, but similarly to the Moxes, good corpos can keep an air of nonchalance even in the most tense of situations and never show any chinks in their armor, which means that they have Cool, and lots of it)

Respective Corporation Weapons Only (Bill Gates wouldn’t be too happy if he saw one of his employees pre-ordering the PS5, and Cyberpunk’s corporations are no different, so make sure that your Militech V buys Militech exclusively or your Arasaka V does the same with Arasaka)

Act arrogant; if Arasaka, have affinity for Tyger Claws; have distaste for Maelstrom (We’ve seen enough corpos in this game to know that they’re all assholes, but if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em! Obviously, since Arasaka is funding the Tygers, it must like them at least a little bit, so if you’re an Arasaka agent, you do too. Also, if Meredith Stout is any example, corpos don't like it when Maelstrom "borrows" some of their military-grade cyberware and weapons, so their relationship isn't the best)

Aldecaldos: +7 Technical (As a Nomad, nothing is more important than your car, so the best Nomads have to know their way around a vehicle, which requires technical skill)

No Weapon Requirements (There aren’t exactly any “nomad guns”, and nomads have been seen using a variety of weapons, so go crazy with how you’d like to arm yourself here)

Prioritize family/friends, community, freedom; have distaste for Wraiths (Like the Valentinos, the Aldecaldos care about the people close to them, though it remains to be seen whether their familial fondness extends to the “I’m stuck, step-bro” variety. They also have a violent rivalry with the other Nomad clan dominating the Badlands, the Wraiths)

Wraiths: +1 Body; +2 Reflexes; +3 Technical; +1 Cool (While 6th Street members own guns largely because AMERICAFUCKYEAH, weapons are a vital part of the raider lifestyle that the Wraiths live. For that reason, along with the required Technical boost needed for any Nomad roleplay, the weapon attributes are also included, with Reflexes getting an extra point because of its large amount of weapon pathways)

No Weapon Requirements (Same reason as Aldecaldos)

Act like a psychopath; have distaste for Aldecaldos (Pretty much, just act like a Fallout raider, since they’re pretty similar. Also, since the Aldecaldos don’t like you, you don’t like them back)

Scavs: +4 Reflexes; +3 Intelligence (Being basically just gangsters that speak Russian, they get a significant amount of Reflexes points, but their dealing in the removal of cyberware from their unwilling subjects requires some Hacking knowledge, which is the pathway of Intelligence)

Russian Weapons Only (Same as how I stuck the Japanese Tyger Claws with Asian manufacturers and the American 6th Street gang with American manufacturers, I’m doing the same thing with the Russian Scavs, meaning that people playing this build should buy weapons from either Rostovic or Tekhtronika)

Act ruthless (As criminals who harvest people’s cyberware, Scavs don’t shy away from any method to achieve their goals, making them worse than normal organ harvesters, who will at least buy you a drink laced with drugs and leave you in a nice tub of ice. Everyone is a means to an end for you, and when they’re done being your means, you end them. Also, the reason I didn’t include anything about affinity or distaste is since the Scavs aren’t much of a faction, so they don’t really have an official relationship with other factions besides “I might steal your robot arm one day”)
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