Driving Issues on PC

Why does it feel like i am driving on thick ice with bald tires? Pressing right almost makes me go instantly 90 degrees and slide... Bikes are better but still annoying enough that i don't bother using them.
Driving :LOL:
crashing & chaos on anb icerink is a better description!

Cant manage .75m in game which is about 1millionth of my RL XP driving bikes, cars, vans & small trucks with & without trailers!

Someone needs to get behind this 'code'/input issue fast as it's starting to dent my interest in the game ( two 'you drive' missons in a row & no option to say NO)
Also whoever looks at it needs to look at the game map tracker & a RL satnav and see which one is useful!
Throw in an navigator that says in x you need to take the next left would help with this awful driving ability as well... hehe i often zoom past my turn before realizing I should be turning... might help if i could zoom out mini map (unless I simply missed that ability)

I laughed the first couple times i hit pedestrians, thinking of carmageddon... but that quickly wore off on those "drive" missions or the ped i hit was a cop and sudennly god cops were surrounding me with nukes...
There are good mods on Nexus that correct driving. just google fallout or skyrim nexus, there is support for cyberpunk as well. homemade mods that patch the game's issues. there is one for respec as well.
Yep, I know the struggle.

Tapping your keys seems to help a lot. Makes your turns less sharp. And of course, slowing down is wise too.
I accidentally drove into restricted area because the car needs good 300 meters to stop no matter your speed. And was instantly killed by a police sniper who was shouting "we are under attack!"
So immersive (y)
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