Fashion police

So lately I was wondering, is it just me or did the post modernism arrive in our garments--
more and more I see stuff which could fit into a sprawl novel:

Functional casual wear, biker clothing like Trinity in the second Matrix movie and the list goes on.

What is your take on kinda cyberpunk fashion:

Do you embrace it, hate it, love to hate it,
or are you the last member of a farming community and dress like we used to:

Oh and sorry for not introducing myself, I'm not new here, but been gone so long, I dont know anybody.

Post Scriptum:

Pics of fasion stuff or memes welcome

-Count Zero
I couldn't care less about fashion, what is or isn't "in", or anything of the sort. My opinion is simply that clothing needs to be functional, comfortable, and at least reasonably practical.

Other people are free to wear whatever they want. A lot of modern and recently outdated fashion I consider silly, downright stupid, and/or ridiculous -- but it's not like anyone's making me wear such things, so it doesn't matter.
I feel we need to go back to 90s era with long trenchcoats and suspenders.

I see what you did there, for the seasonal completion you still need a beanie and some milk-- maybe a potted plant.

I like sturdy clothes and except boots/shoes I'm not picky, losing and gaining weight makes cheap clothes really handy.
Too few memes, seems my trolling days are over.

Edit: shouldn't post with too few sleep.
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I'm in my 30s now, but I grew up in the punk rock scene. Used to wear boots and braces, leather jackets, patches, chains, etc. I don't dress as wildly as I did as a teenager, but I'm strongly in favor of other people doing it. I hate the look of most casual wear, especially hoodies and athletic wear. I also can't stand classic rock, hip hop, Taylor Swift, pop country and all the other boring crap on the TV and radio nowadays. I've been noticing there's a little bit of a revival of punk, goth, and nu metal music and fashion happening right now, not so much here in the US, but definitely in the UK and Australia. I think it's cool, I hope it gets more into the mainstream without the artists selling out. The late 2000s and 2010s were pretty devoid of subculture, and it's good to see kids starting bands and dressing weird again. There's still a lot of work to be done though, I went to two punk shows in London last december and most of the crowd were over 40. Kids need to get angry and start expressing themselves again, and not in a political way, but through art, style and music. My generation didn't have a Johnny Rotten or a Darby Crash, shit we didn't even have a Kurt Cobain or a Motley Crue. I hope Gen Z will be better than we were.
Well I mostly agree but I love hoodies ;')
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Oh but I member Kurt's death ☠️ it was wild on MTV in my country. I don't do concerts anymore mostly I try to find night clubs that don't suck.
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