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Feeling worried about upcoming changes



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Feeling worried about upcoming changes

I am a little worried. I reached rank 20 using dwarf and discard deck. With upcoming changes i think i need to change what deck to play.

For my discard, i think the change for pirate captain is a big deal (will not be boosted every time a card is discarded but will be boosted by power of the last card discarded). I use to discard priestess so that next round i could get cerys, now it's not possible because it will weaken pirate captain. I usually have dimun pirate captain as my winning condition for later rounds so i feel i need a new strategy. For Donan, This also affect discard deck especially in a mirror discard match. I usually get lucky and get craite raider but now not possible. Also i beleive they nerf coral too.

For dwarf deck i feel like its just inevitable, if you can't really deal with early it will run over you with insane carryover. And i find a lot of people having a hard time dealing with it. The changes to carryover massively affect playing dwarf but not in the case it become unplayable. I think this change is just ok because there are only few specific cards to deal with dwarf deck.

I know that my deck are some of the few brain dead deck out there but i really spent time playing this deck and will be trying new deck in the future. And trying new things make me worried.

i see scoiatal getting new awesome card, i think i might try building a scoiatael deck after the patch. any other deck you guys think will be awesome post patch? And man, the change to gold card is really massive really have to play very smart now. But overall i am happy with all the changes and balances. Thank CDPR keep up the awesome work. Can't wait for the patch to be live and also the single player campaign.


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Relax and enjoy :) all decks must be changed couse of patch. You not alone with that.


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Like you said, overall I'm quite happy with all the changes. And instead of being worried, I'm hyped and excited for it. All factions will have awesome decks, and it's more of what archtype you like to play with. What I believe I'll end up testing out first is:
  1. Nilfgaard Spying With Infiltrators
  2. Scoia'tael Dwarves
  3. Deathwith Monsters
  4. NR Swarm With New Mulligan Cards
  5. Skellige Wounding Axeman


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Why worry? It's a new gwent game every new season xD. Everyone will start on the same ground (not probably lmao). I'm sure you will find adapting to new gameplay is more fun than sticking with your good old days.


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Honestly I'm not worry overall. The new Gold rule makes me a bit nervous but I trust CDPR for balancing things up properly at least for the vast majority of cards.
Now does that mean it's gonna be better or worst than the current rule, we will find out and that's what makes me nervous (I feel like I'm gonna regret the previous rule but we will see) but knowing CDPR, I know it's not gonna break the game or anything, that I'm not worry about.

For the rest, no problem whatsoever. Everything is getting reworked and to be fair, the least your mentioning sounds pretty legit to me.

The pirate captain were ridiculous in the previous version and needed to be nerfed, the Dwarf deck was, imo, the most stupid and unhealthy deck in the entire game (I prefer monster swarm rather than this thing honestly, it's stronger but it doesn't reduce the game to one single round if you don't have the right counters at the right time).

Besides, for what I've seen, dwarf got some pretty good tools (Mahakam guards can now strenghen a dwarf which is insane and the Dwarven agitator has a huge potential in the right deck at least imo). This deck is far from being dead if you ask me.


Most players will have to change their decks, me included, so we all are in the same boat :). I'm looking forward to this new version of Gwent.
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